Andrew Ng (birth surname – Andrew Yan-Tak Ng) is a Chinese-American writer, investor, computer system scientist, businessman, and also one that the most recognizable personalities of the modern deep discovering world.

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He co-founded and led Google Brain. Also, Ng was Chief Scientist in ~ Baidu, wherein he to be responsible for driving Baidu’s global AI infrastructure and also strategy as well as led the company’s over 1300 person AI Group.


Ng was born ~ above April 18, 1976, in the united Kingdom.

His parents space immigrants from Hong Kong.

In 1992, Andrew graduated from Raffles institution in Singapore.

In 1997, Ng deserve his undergraduate level with a triple significant in economics, statistics, and computer science, from Carnegie Mellon college in Pittsburgh.

Andrew earn his master’s level from the Massachusetts academy of technology in Cambridge in 1998.

In 2002, Ng received his Ph.D. Native UC Berkeley.

Starting in 2002, he carried out research in robotics, an equipment learning, and also artificial intelligence at Stanford.

From 2011 come 2012, Andrew operated at Google. There, Ng, along with Greg Corrado and also Jeff Dean, started the Google mind Deep finding out Project. Google mind combines large-scale computing resources and systems design with open-ended device learning research.

Ng said about Google Brain:

”Google Brain, which i led, to be arguably the single biggest pressure for transforming Google right into a an excellent A.I. Company.”

Google mind has satellite groups in Zurich, Accra, Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Beijing, san Francisco, Berlin, Princeton, Pittsburgh, Cambridge, Paris, brand-new York City, Montreal, and also London.

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In addition, the is the co-author or author of an ext than 300 published files in robotics, AI, and maker learning. Furthermore, he is the co-founder the Coursera. That is likewise the founder and CEO that Landing AI. Also, Ng worked for Google and Baidu. Therefore, computer scientist Andrew Ng has actually an estimated net precious of $50 million.

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