At 14 years of period Willow blacksmith does a lot an ext than just whip she hair. In a couple of short years, we have watched this young lady go from just sharing she appetite because that wonder to exploring topics in a means that world rarely share. The is amazing to watch she growth and there is no much better song to to mark that expansion than ”Female Energy”.

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Listening come “Female Energy” makes you feel together though you’re meditating somewhere above the Milky Way. The sound is serene with futuristic elements, and also some the Willow’s ad-libs room reminiscent of spiritual chanting. It’s among those songs on her playlist that you just relax and vibe to. Lyrically, the track is beautiful and also contains a refreshing amount of thought and depth.  It explores the process of letting her own power manifest if learning how to permit go.

But let’s dig a little deeper into it.

I just landed in one more atmosphere

I’m just floating, in a stain steel sphere

I gambling you have questions, prefer where did ns come from

I know, i come indigenous that world that struggle Tiamat

Years earlier (4x)

I carry out my flows and then I obtain so lost

Light simply take my ball to go (4x)

To the peak of the pyramid let’s save the civilization like this

Conversing with light bodies, however really they’re every apart of me

Let’s obtain the whip and go, ‘cuz I’m worn down of this solar ring

Female Energy is a tale about love. Willow offers the creation story of Tiamat to highlight the spoils and also complexities the love unable to do awry.

There space two common stories around Tiamat.

The very first is the Babylonian epos of production known as the Enuma Elish.

In this production story Tiamat is a goddess who represents primordial chaos. She becomes the mom of the world by giving birth come the very first generation that gods. Ultimately, she is beat by Marduk who offers her body to type Earth and also the heavens.

The 2nd story that Tiamat is a planetary theory.

It is thought that the world Marduk and also its moons collided with and also split Tiamat into two halves. One half was said to have come to be the earth while the other half was smashed right into smaller pieces and became an asteroid belt.

These two accounts the who/what Tiamat is administer another layer of knowledge for the first verse. One translate that have the right to be attracted from these accounts is that 2 people/entities/ concepts that once had actually mutual feel of love/understanding/cohesion collided and also resulted in one human being thrown the end of balance. Return she to be thrown because that a loop, she accepts and also owns the differences that have pertained to fruition and is strengthened by both that feeling of acceptance and her defensive, “stain stole sphere” obstacle she puts increase emotionally. She alludes to the latter half more in the hook and also ending. The capability to accept points for what they space isn’t constantly easy, yet when Willow allows her emotions to circulation free, she gets lost between what was and also what is. Instead of burying her emotions, however, she put her energy into illuminating what’s prior to her. This propels her the end of the emotionally depths that entrap her. She realizes that periodically we project the points we desire onto other people. Occasionally what we task doesn’t exist within others, yet instead just exist within ourselves. This estimate keeps people trapped in a cycle until they are fed up and ready to leave.

It’s really the end of mine control

How you feel is not my problem

I perform not want you come go, yet I don’t know just how to avoid you

Cuz girlfriend gone carry out what you obtained to do

And what I execute is not your problem

Just allow me let me love you

Stop make the efforts to make it complicated

As a sample of Jhene Aiko’s “The Pressure“, the last stanzas are much much more straightforward and frank. Lock deepen the feeling of accept by acquisition the human through a couple of stages.

The very first step is admittance v a smidgen the denial. You recognize to yourself that the means another person feels is the end of her control and also ultimately no your problem, yet even with that in mind, friend still contemplate methods to adjust the various other person.

The second step is flipping your emotional switch. To protect against yourself from trying, girlfriend pretend to prevent caring. You don’t care how they feel and also don’t want to reopen the floodgates that emotion.

The third step is true acceptance. This is where you can admit the you still care, however you no longer have actually the desire come waste your energy. One important underlying post is the just because two human being love every other, does not median that they must be together.

Willow go deep to show the relationships between love, dependency, and also the ability to let walk in this piece. Although it is about love, the lessons have the right to be applicable in many elements of life. Breaking far from something should not leave you broken. Favor Tiamat, those experiences permit for you to create something new. Female energy is the energy of creation, after all. The is this energy that permits us to be pulled and also stretched come our boundaries while concurrently regenerating ourselves and producing new life.  Female power is love. And also though the is not always pretty, it’s constantly worth it.

– Indigo B.

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