1-10 are True or False (This is eco-friendly Science not physics) 1). An oil rigs searches for and also finds oil reservoirs. False2). The volume that oil in one barrel is same to 42 gallons . True3). The United claims uses an ext oil than any other nation in the world. True4). Water deserve to be pumped right into oil reservoirs to boost the push of the currently oil. True5). The Exxon Valdez ship spilled crude oil turn off the coast of California False6). Farmer in the United claims grow more diverse plants than any kind of other country in the world. False7). Gradually taking end farmland end a long duration of time is known as commodities. False8( True9). Some farmers have actually been selling their land to developers due to the fact that it is an ext cost-efficient to carry out so 보다 to grow crops. True10). The FBI regulates the usage of pesticide in farming crops. False

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1) B - False

2) A - True

3) A - True

4) A - True

5) B - False

6) A - True

7) B - False

8) A - True

9) A - True

10) B - False



Illustrate, label, and explain just how atmospheric carbon and oxygen discover there way into a consumer and also then ago into a producer. Incorporate the complying with terms in your illustration: co2, 02, respiration, photosynthesis, sugar, mitochondria, chloroplast, water, solar radiation
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For her initial isolation the the bacterium, you simply needed to grow sufficient of it that you might identify several of its much more general features. Thus, you supplied a complex nutrient agar that would enable for the expansion of almost any bacterial species. Different bacterial types often have very particular requirements because that life. This is a reality that you deserve to utilize once you space trying to determine the bacterium to the species level. Growth conditions that will permit the growth of one species but not one more may allow you to select which one girlfriend would like to culture. You have the right to utilize various selective/differential media that enable for the expansion of only one type of bacteria (e.g., either gram confident or gram negative). Culturing media such together phenylethyl alcohol or sodium chloride agar will certainly be selective/differential because that gram-positive bacteria. You may likewise want to show that the is different from other bacteria that may be present, so you could use a selective/differential agar. Selective/differential media such as blood agar or phenol red sugar broths allow for the decision of even if it is a bacter cell have the right to grow and utilize specific ingredients consisted of in the medium and turn the agar a unique color. Sheep"s blood agar makes use of red blood cell to differentiate which bacterial species may have hemolytic properties.selective or differential? 1. One agar that supplies a high salt concentration to border the growth of one kind of bacteria over an additional would be considered selective/differential. 2. If one agar consists of a dye or ph indicator in the presence of a sugar, that is generally thought about selective/differential because that those bacteria that may ferment the sugar over those the cannot. 3. An agar that offers the dye in crystal violet agar suppresses the expansion of gram-positive bacteria. This agar would be considered selective/differential. 4. The selective/differential facet of macconkey agar permits for the determination of i m sorry bacteria are lactose fermenters and also which space not. 5. A blood agar plate has sheep red blood cell and enables for the decision of hemolytic capabilities for all bacteria that prosper on the agar. This would make this form of agar selective/differential. 6. Emb agar provides lactose and also two water that permit it to it is in selective/differential in between the blue-black nests of e. Coli and also the pinkish colonies of all various other enteric bacteria. 7. Bile salt in macconkey agar permit for the agar to it is in selective/differential because that the growth of enteric gram-negative bacteria over gram-positive bacteria. 8. An agar that allows for the distinction of bacteria based upon metabolism would be considered selective/differential.