The ideal photo of beauty has actually been shame and changed drastically over the years. Because that the previous several years, this best beauty has actually been for females to be as skinny as possible, and have a beautiful face, also if that way using makeup to perform so. End the previous 5 years, makeup companies have grown tremendously and also sales have gone up, as ladies believe an ext and more that they call for it to be beautiful. In Amy Schumer’s comedy sketch referred to as “Girl, friend Don’t need Makeup,” she is called by a young band to wipe all her makeup off since she doesn’t need it and will be perfect without it, yet, as soon as she removes her makeup, the boys totally change your minds and tell her to put it all back on. Girl have always been torn in between the two contradicting see of best beauty, and also the advertisements presented to girls of all periods are a large part that that: some informing them lock don’t require makeup to be beautiful, and some informing them lock do. This comedy sketch shows the dual standard in culture nowadays speak girls need to be natural, yet then not dealing with them the exact same without makeup.

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“Go wash that lovely challenge off in the sink!”

When Amy is very first approached through the boy band, she is wearing a full confront of makeup. The guys are really polite to her and also want come be approximately her as soon as she look at this way. They continuously tell her that she doesn’t must wear makeup. The is, until she takes that off… They automatically request the she put the makeup earlier on, due to the fact that her look without it seems to fear them. They song “just get up an hour earlier, and also you have the right to make yourself much girlier,” make the efforts to acquire her come layer that all ago on. The an ext she proceeds to placed in on, the less she looks choose her natural self. The whole finishing of the video contradicts what the guys were saying in the beginning of the video, again showing just how girls are not treated the exact same with and without makeup. Girls constantly feel like they have to worry around how castle look in bespeak to impress others, and also wearing loads of makeup has end up being a huge part the this.



“We kinda readjusted our mind on the makeup thing.”

Contradicting beauty advertisements have only helped add to the man women confront on what appropriate beauty is. Large makeup companies have actually slogans like “Making girlfriend A much more Confident You,” “Better 보다 Bare,” and also “Maybe she Born through It, probably It’s Maybelline.” all of these slogans imply that women need to wear makeup to it is in confident and beautiful. The Dove campaign has helped to take away few of the strength makeup companies provided to have over people. Your slogan is “Be your Beautiful Self,” i beg your pardon is what they promote with every one of their videos and also stories. Their products are designed in a much more natural manner, and they assistance women no wearing assembly to cover increase their organic beauty. Despite they existing a strong message for girls to be confident in themselves, culture as a whole does not necessarily agree with this. Therefore, girl still feel required to wear makeup to be cure a certain way and truly feel beautiful.



Girls’ opinions of themselves are developed at a very young age. They watch models on billboards and also in magazines and also begin to believe in that conventional for beauty. In among Dove’s project videos, they present a model getting her hair and makeup done to the fullest degree for a photoshoot, but even ~ the photos space taken, they continue to alter the girl’s appearance. They continue to photoshop the model, do her sleep narrower, her cheek-bones higher, and her eyes bigger. The picture is then shown up ~ above a gigantic billboard through a promotion for a assembly foundation. This unattainable level of beauty, beauty is climate what every of society sees and believes to be the right beauty because that our society. When girls watch ads favor this, lock are persuaded that they require makeup in bespeak to do themselves watch better.

Not gift the only downside, boys see all of these advertisements together well, giving them one unrealistic expectation of just how girls need to look, and don’t have to treat lock the same if they don’t look the way. The guys critiquing Amy Schumer’s look fall under this category, as their expectation of beauty has actually been shaped through extremely edited advertisements. They tell Amy she “looks an excellent except face,” and also that she must put the makeup ago on so the she look at better. Boys should definitely not be the decision-maker for a girl on whether she wears makeup or not, and this lay out highlights that instance scenario.

“No wonder our perception of beauty is therefore distorted.”

Society as a totality would require a major turnaround in order to adjust the ideal beauty. It is hard for a girl to be agree of organic herself when society is telling her that she is not an excellent enough the way she is. Amy Schumer do the efforts to do light of situations like this with her other comedy sketches together well. One of her sketches dubbed “Size 12” is about her start a clothing store and asking for a size 12 in a specific top. The sales lady seems shocked the she would even propose the the keep might lug a dimension 12. She proceeds to bring Amy come a cow pasture and have her try on a tarp come hide she “problem areas.” This satiric type of body shaming is again showing society’s expectation of how a woman must look in order come be thought about pretty.

Amy’s emotions after gift told to take off she makeup, then she emotions after being told to put it ago on.

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Amy Schumer walk a good job v her “Girl, girlfriend Don’t require Makeup” sketch of truly reflecting that a dual standard does exist in ours society. Assembly has come to be necessary in most girls’ obtaining ready routine due to the fact that they feel the they need it to be treated a specific way. If girl didn’t feel this pressure, they would certainly be much much more comfortable going about their job without any type of makeup on. Amy provides videos choose this one to spread the message around girls not feeling confident with the means they are based turn off of what other human being think, and also the videos are really effective in getting this message across. Hopefully sooner or later girls will certainly be fully comfortable with their natural appearance and also not need to worry about being cure differently because of it.