S19 · E6 · Hollywood Week: Genre Challenge

21 Mar 2021

In a 2 night event, the search for the next superstar... More

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S19 · E7 · Hollywood Duets Challenge

22 Mar 2021

Following Sunday's electrifying kickoff come Hollywood Week,... More

S19 · E8 · Showstopper/Final Judgment part #1

28 Mar 2021

The Showstoppers round marks the very first time contestants will... More

S19 · E9 · Showstopper/Final Judgment part #2

29 Mar 2021

Following Sunday's kickoff come the all-new Showstopper round,... More

S19 · E10 · all Star Duets and Solos

4 Apr 2021

 Following critical week's Showstopper round, "American Idol"... More

S19 · E11 · every Star Duets and Solos

5 Apr 2021

Following Sunday's kickoff to the all Star Duet round,... More

S19 · E13 · height 12 Live Reveal

12 Apr 2021

American Idol it s okay closer to crowning a winner as it... More

S19 · E14 · Oscar Nominated Songs

18 Apr 2021

The height 12 contestants execute Oscar(R)-nominated song in... More

S19 · E16 · Disney Night

2 might 2021

To kick off the night, the results of the Comeback present will... More

S19 · E17 · Coldplay Songbook & Mother's job Dedication

9 may 2021

In this show, the continuing to be finalists will execute one song... More

S19 · E18 · My an individual Idol / Artist Singles

16 might 2021

Multi-GRAMMY Award-winning songwriter, producer and also artist... More

S19 · E19 · cool Finale

23 might 2021

"American Idol" is ready to crown that is winner ~ above a special... More

S19 · E8 · Showstopper/Final...ARE THERE any OTHER SONGS obtainable TO purchase OF grace KINSTLER the SHE SANG ~ above AMERICAN... More
S19 · E10 · every Star Duets...what is the name of the tune that Graham did for his solo? What is the name of the artist... More





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