CSGODust 2 1080p Max
275 EFps Slightly much better CSGO EFps.+9% 252 EFps
GTAVFranklin & Lamar 1080p Max
104 EFps Much better GTAV EFps.+76% 59 EFps
OverwatchTemple of Anubis 1080p Max
138 EFps Much better Overwatch EFps.+75% 79 EFps
PUBGM249 maintain 1080p Max
132 EFps Hugely better PUBG EFps.+89% 70 EFps
Fortnitesurfacetoairnewyork.com Island 1080p Max
138 EFps Much much better Fortnite EFps.+64% 84 EFps

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LightingAvg. Locally-deformable PRT (Bat)129 fpsHugely better lighting effects.+97% 65.6 fps
ReflectionAvg. High dynamic variety lighting (Teapot)146 fpsHugely far better reflection handling.+134% 62.3 fps
MRenderAvg. Render target range GShader (Sphere)115 fpsMuch quicker multi rendering.+79% 64.4 fps
GravityAvg. NBody particle system (Galaxy)135 fpsHugely faster NBody calculation.+91% 70.8 fps

LightingLocally-deformable PRT (Bat)144 fpsHugely much better peak lighting effects.+99% 72.5 fps
ReflectionHigh dynamic selection lighting (Teapot)203 fpsHugely better peak have fun handling.+205% 66.5 fps
MRenderRender target array GShader (Sphere)124 fpsHugely quicker peak multi rendering.+81% 68.4 fps
GravityNBody particle system (Galaxy)148 fpsHugely much faster peak NBody calculation.+92% 77.1 fps

market ShareMarket share (trailing 30 days)1.84 %+2% 1.8 %
ValueValue for Money46.2 %58.7 %Better value.+27%
User RatingUBM User Rating68 %75 %More popular.+10%
PricePrice (score)$540$220Much cheaper.+59%

AgeNewest63 Months53 MonthsMore recent.+16%
ParallaxParallax occlusion mapping (Stones)148 fpsMuch far better peak structure detail.+48% 100 fps
SplattingForce Splatted Flocking (Swarm)127 fpsHugely faster peak complicated splatting.+158% 49.3 fps
ParallaxAvg. Parallax occlusion mapping (Stones)130 fpsMuch better texture detail.+45% 89.4 fps
SplattingAvg. Pressure Splatted Flocking (Swarm)116 fpsHugely faster complicated splatting.+148% 46.8 fps


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The GTX 1080 is Nvidia’s brand-new flagship graphics card. It attributes the new 16 nm (down native 28 nm) Pascal architecture. This is the very first die shrink due to the fact that the release of the GTX 680 at which time the manufacturing procedure shrunk native 40 nm under to 28 nm. In state of usual 3D gaming power the 1080 is roughly 30% faster than the GTX 980 Ti and also it manages to provide the extr performance through a TDP of just 180 watt which is 70 Watts much less than the 980 Ti. The new Pascal style delivers a satisfying run in power over Maxwell and the GTX 1080 is now the fastest solitary surfacetoairnewyork.com available. Over the coming months enlarge generation cards will likely see far-reaching price drops together the better value because that money 1070, 1060 and also 1050 cards slowly replace your predecessors. 


The RX 580 launched this week and is AMD’s recent flagship surfacetoairnewyork.com which is based on a second generation Polaris architecture. The 580 is a refresh of the RX 480 which was released simply 10 month ago. Adjustments to the architecture have resulted in boosted thermals and also increased clock speeds by around 10%. The RX 580 will certainly come through either 4GB or 8GB that high-bandwidth GDDR5 memory. Specific pricing for this mid-range chip remains to it is in seen, however the RX 500 collection is likely to cannibalize sales of AMD’s 400 series. Power wise, the RX 580 is in straight competition v NVIDIA’s renowned GTX 1060 6GB which is currently 9 month old. Perhaps after critical year’s ill timed head come head release of the RX 480 and the much faster but likewise priced GTX 1060 (a standoff i beg your pardon NVIDIA seem to have actually won based upon market share), AMD room attempting come draw back some industry share with the newer, contempt upgraded RX 580.