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The Dancing with the Stars duo opened up to ET about how they plan to blow away the vain in the upcoming 23rd season, debuting Sept. 12 ~ above ABC.

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"I want us to walk out through a bang and do that an initial performance the method that type of shocks human being a small bit," Maks said ahead that rehearsal on Friday in Burbank, California. This clues his very first return to the collection since season 18 in 2014, once he nabbed the coveted mirror ball trophy with partner Meryl Davis.

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"I have done this 14 times and was effective at one suggest or another," he said. " taking a break, i feel prefer I am just having actually fun with this together opposed to treating it choose a job."

But it"s no all fun and also games together Maks and also Amber equipment up for their large ballroom debut. With just a few weeks come prepare, Amber has currently impressed her companion with a killer job-related ethic.

"It"s all really hard, and she provides me 100 percent of she time," that said. "I never get, "Oh, permit me sit down, mine feet hurt" or whatever. That"s exceptional and, you know, she is a worker. ... We space doing great!"

For she part, Amber seems to it is in happy soaking in all of Maks" dancing expertise, calling the "fun," "silly," and also "professional."

"I am none of those things," Maks quipped back, joking: " destroying my call already."

"He to know what he"s doing, and that"s really important. I kind of just listen to him and also I constantly say, "Yes, sir," "No, sir,"" she added with a laugh. "But he"s awesome. He provides me feel favor I deserve to do it."

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The lover pair it seems to be ~ to likewise be bonding end their roles as parents! Maks is expecting his first child through his fiancee, other DTWS agree Peta Murgatroyd, when Amber share 3-year-old son Sebastian with her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa.

" has actually a lot of advice... Every day," Maks laughed, v Amber chiming in: "I offered Peta some shea butter yesterday!"

"I am suffering through Peta and I am just basically on a "Whatever girlfriend need" sort of basis," the said. "I think that"s ours role, you know? What ladies go through during pregnancy is unreal and when you have that experience, you acquire it. My girlfriend Tony Dovolani has actually three kids and every time i would slam him because that something, he would certainly be like, "Just wait." and also so below I am, and I am literally doing exactly the exact same things ns was laughing at him for."

Amber, meanwhile, is holding down the ft with several jobs, including her eponymous VH1 talk show, a brand-new gig hosting the Loveline through Amber Rose podcast, and also planning her second annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles. Thankfully, she said, Wiz is happily helping out through their baby boy while she prepares for DWTS.

"My ex-husband is off tourism now, for this reason it kind of settled perfectly," she said. "He deserve to have the baby a little much more and offer me a little more time to rest."

And, yes, both Wiz and also Sebastian will be rooting for Muva native the DWTS audience.

"Wiz is coming," she stated of she cheering squad, "Sebastian, of course. My mom, mine team. Mine cousins are already calling me, they"ll come in from philadelph to it is in in the audience."

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As because that their biggest competition this season, Maks has his eye top top his brother, Val Chmerkovskiy.

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"Off the bat, I would think Val and also Laurie are going to be great," that said. " anybody have the right to do amazing. It"s around the time they placed in and the personality."

When it concerns personality, Amber has that in spades! In honor of her upcoming Loveline podcast, ET put her come the test through a collection of rapid-fire date questions. Watch what Amber said about getting back at a cheater and the ideal pickup lines a girl deserve to use in the player below.

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