What is Amazon Brand Registry and also is it worth the Effort? What room the benefits of joining the Amazon Brand Registry? check out our guide.

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What is Amazon Brand it is registered Program?

Amazon Brand registry is a regime Amazon occurred to offer manufacturers and brand owner greater manage over their content published on Amazon. The idea, from Amazon’s allude of view, is to improve the as whole quality and accuracy the the product and sales contents that customers view on the Amazon marketplace — to develop a far better customer experience. Right here is exactly how the regime works.

Your company completes an applications to be contained in the Amazon Brand Registry. Once Amazon accepts you right into the program, they designate your company as the main “brand owner.”

Is Amazon Brand Registry worth the Effort?

Short answer: Yes. If you room a manufacturer or brand owner, signing up for Amazon Brand it is registered is well worth the time investment it will certainly take to finish the applications process.

There are numerous potential benefits to involvement the Amazon Brand Registry, however here space the two major benefits:

You’ll have greater control over how your brand and products are illustrated on Amazon.

When you room the official brand owner, Amazon lets you upload her content straight to the Amazon marketplace.

This is in contrast to other sellers — any company not detailed as “brand owner” — that will certainly instead have to submit brand-new sales listings and other content to the Amazon Seller Team for review and approval before being permitted to i announced that content to the live site.

You will certainly be in a better position to spot and also stop unauthorized usage of your content and unauthorized resellers from providing your commodities on Amazon.

Because Amazon Brand Registry help you border which sellers are allowed to perform your assets on Amazon, the will end up being much less complicated to point out those rogue, unauthorized sellers representing her brand on the marketplace.

Plus, if you catch a seller illegally making use of your pundit property to sell your products without your permission, and also you paper a complaint through Amazon, they will certainly be both an ext responsive and an ext likely to remove the listing in question. This is because, through your standing as “brand owner,” Amazon will certainly regard you as a reliable source.

The new version of the routine — Amazon Brand it is registered 2.0 — additionally offers new online devices that brand owners can use come spot unauthorized resellers. We’ll discuss the details that Brand registry 2.0 in more detail below.

In other words, Amazon Brand registry 2.0 can aid you, as a manufacturer or brand owner, an ext easily and quickly add brand-new content to Amazon than before. In ~ the same time, it helps safeguard your brand versus unauthorized retailers and also even those third-party sellers who shot to hurt your intellectual property rights.

What Amazon Brand it is registered Is Not

All the this is come say that while Amazon Brand Registry has actually a lot of useful features for a manufacturer spring to protect its brand online, the routine will not be the much assist in and of itself versus an authorized retail companion who violates her MAP pricing policy on Amazon. For that, friend will desire to carry out a comprehensive, automated device for Amazon brand protection.

It’s likewise worth discussing that this regime does not give friend the capability to pull down sales listings or ads of your assets from unauthorized resellers. You will still need to report this violations come Amazon and ask for their help.

How To authorize Up for Amazon Brand Registry

If you determine that using is worth the effort (and we think it is, too), you’ll must take the complying with steps to sign up.

Note: the worth pointing out that to be welcomed into this program, you will need to be either manufacturer or a reseller or other agency that has actually been designated the “brand owner.” friend will have to supply Amazon with written authorization stating you have actually permission to stand for the brand on Amazon.

If you’ve cleared the hurdle and are able to prove to Amazon the you are without doubt the owner the the brand, girlfriend will require to finish the applications process, i m sorry looks favor this:

Submit an image of her product packaging, through the branding visible in the image.Send in photo of your product, also with branding visible on the product itself.Supply Amazon through an active website special your assets or brand.Note: If you are a reseller, distributor or other partner of the manufacturer and seeking to end up being the “brand owner,” girlfriend will also need to submit an authorization letter signed by the manufacturer approving you its approval.

The Approval Process

Application review and also processing time vary, but when you’ve submitted her completed applications package, the Amazon Brand registry team will prefer respond with an answer in less than 10 business days (unless they have questions or request additional supporting materials during their evaluation process).

5 things Worth Knowing about Amazon Brand Registry

As the main brand owner ~ above Amazon, you will do it receive much greater regulate over your contents on Amazon. You’ll be able, for example, come upload product details such together specs, features, sales copy, keywords or pictures right to the live website — there is no needing to submit any type of of this content to one Amazon team for review.Your assets will each get a unique number, a global Catalog identifier (GCID), which will not change over time, by the country in i beg your pardon the items is viewed, or also if the product listing changes. (The Amazon standard Identification Number, or “ASIN,” by contrast, can readjust with brand-new product listings and over time.)The GCID is an essential component for the Amazon Brand it is registered in the if that is no assigned come a details product, you might not it is in able to automatically update the details on the product’s listing page.Many product category are contained in the program, but some room still not eligible because that the program—such together books, music, DVDs, and also products in the “Entertainment Collectibles” and also “Sports Collectibles” categories.Although over there are numerous benefits to joining this program, it no a cure-all for every one of a manufacturer’s reseller issues. Amazon Brand Registry will certainly not, because that example: Stop other sellers indigenous slightly editing and enhancing your product’s sales listings and then contending with you on Amazon.com. Let girlfriend pull under retailers’ sales pages the your commodities if they’ve violated her pricing policy. Guarantee your automatic buy Box standing (although it can help).One feasible drawback the Amazon Brand it is registered 2.0 is that when you are welcomed into the program, you can not be permitted to adjust some that the product attributes set up come organize your products’ data.

Amazon Brand registry 2.0

Read about it here.

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