UPDATEJosh Murray released the adhering to statement solely to E! News, in which he threa10s taking legal activity versus his former fiancée.

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"I just want Amanda to sheight lying about me, soptimal speaking to the press around me, and for Amanda and her friends to stop trying to cyber bully me," he sassist.

"I haven't shelp anypoint to the press or on social media about her bereason I moved on via my life. I've been out of the nation enjoying vacation through my household. However before, if Amanda or any type of of her friends and also family members proceed to speak falsehoods, misrepresentations, and defame my name, I will have no option however to move forward via legal actions as I've been advised to carry out, although I'm really trying not to."

"Amanda was correct in saying I desire her to leave me alone, so I'm not certain why she can't simply perform that and not soptimal of me because I don't stop of her. At the finish of the day, in the previous few months, she still had actually me coming ago and continuing to be in our location in LA together, being intimate, and also communicating via the children as a family aacquire. She also flew to Atlanta to spfinish time through me and also stayed via me, so obviously there was interest in being through me despite all the negative and also hurtful points that are being said currently."

Murray continued, "I'm going on with my life and career, so I'd quite not focus on repeatedly speaking to the media or writing books about failed relationships."


Amanda Stanton has actually some points she desires to gain off her chest as soon as it involves her and Josh Murray's breakup.

Stanton, a former contestant on The Bachelor and single mommy of two from Southern California, and also Murray, a Georgia resident and previous winner of The Bachelorette that break-up from star Andi Dorfman, met last year on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. She welcomed his proposal at the end of the present. This past January, she confirmed they had actually damaged up.

While the two did appear to rekindle their romance briefly in February, in current weeks, it's been drama, drama, drama. In an exclusive intersee through E! News, Stanton talks about the ugly after-effects of their separation, recalls the "red flags" she noticed while dating him and reveals exactly how the breakup affected her daughters. 

"Red Flags": Stanton rereferred to as their first day, which she sassist was "hands down" the finest initially date she had ever before gone on in my life.

"It's tough for me to also talk about without crying," she sassist, obtaining emotional. "I think he kbrand-new he was going to date me, so I think he sort of pretended to be precisely what he knew I wanted."

She said that in the time of filming and in the months complying with his proposal, she witnessed "red flags" about Murray and "chose to disregard them." Murray has actually not responded to her remarks.

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Stanton told E! News that Murray appeared to treatment as well much around "about the method that he was depicted on the show" and also that hurt her feelings. She said he showed up to have actually an worry through competitor Nick Viall, who she had previously dated briefly on the series.

"I guess, a red flag for me was, if he was falling for me, he should've just been happy," Stanton shelp. "Instead, he concentrated so much on Nick and what everybody else was saying."

She also said that while he did finish up moving to Southern The golden state to live via her and her daughters, he was "always was talking about just how he still wanted to move to Atlanta."