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all you deserve to eat seafood/ crab foot in the triangle? (Wilmington: house, restaurant)
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Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary The Triangle Area

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Hello everyone, me and also my gf space avid pan of seafood. V her being from Wilmington she has actually a love because that crabs, and also has me hooked! So i would like to know if anyone to know of a restaurant the serves all you deserve to eat crab legs? Thnx in advance
I love crab legs yet not the price. Unless you walk to a Chinese buffet mean $$. That is one item that if ns really want quality and quantity i head come the seafood market. Easy to cook and fun to tear up. Among our most romantic meals is a steampot. Crab legs,shrimp,corn,few potatoes,old bay and also voila.
Crab legs room not a neighborhood NC seafood item. Soft covering crab in season is, deviled crab, crab cakes, blue crab, she crab soup, however crab foot come indigenous Alaska and also other cold waters.
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