After Fortnite players finish a main of challenges, they unlock a loading screen that clues at a hidden fight star location. Below is wherein to uncover them all.

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One factor why Fortnite has come to be so successful is because of the popular of its battle Pass. The fight Pass provides players a series of seven difficulties that they need to complete each week to unlock a selection of content, consisting of exclusive cosmetics items, emotes, and also more.

However, some Fortnite fans may not even realize that there is one additional challenge each main in the game, and that is to uncover the hidden battle star. No to be puzzled with the hidden fight stars the are part of treasure map hunts and also the like, the hidden fight stars in Fortnite only become accessible after completing that week"s challenges, and their locations are hinted at many thanks to unlockable loading screens.

Collecting all of the hidden battle stars is absolutely worthwhile because that anyone hoping to fully complete the fight Pass and unlock all of the Season 5 content while it"s still available. Because that anyone looking to find every one of the hidden fight stars, here are every the hidden battle stars in Fortnite"s Season 5 for this reason far.

main 1

fortnite season 5 main 1 hidden battle star
Upon completing the Season 5 main 1 challenges, Fortnite players have to travel come the mining site simply west of Lazy Links. Instead of going down the tunnel into the mine, examine the step-like dirt formations on the surface ar to find the hidden fight star.

fortnite season 5 mainly 2 hidden battle star
because that Week 2, Fortnite players should travel come Lazy Links, and try to land on the roof that the clubhouse top top the north side of the area. The an extremely top of this roof has the hidden fight star.

fortnite season 5 mainly 3 hidden battle star
for Week 3, go to the residence near the shore that"s eastern of Risky Reels and also northeast that Wailing Woods. The hidden fight star have the right to be found on a dust patch in the yard, toward the sheet of the cliff.

fortnite season 5 main 4 hidden battle star
for Week 4, Fortnite battle royale football player will desire to travel to the desert biology that was introduced with Season 5. The main 4 hidden fight star have the right to be discovered on the hump the the camel statue that"s situated on the southwest finish of the desert.

The Season 5 mainly 5 hidden fight star will watch players once again travel to Fortnite"s desert biome. This time, football player will must go come a structure with a steel roof that"s situated on the northwest end of the desert.

among the easiest hidden fight stars to uncover is situated at Risky Reels. Players merely need come land in ~ Risky Reels and then inspect the bed that the glowing red van that"s parked straight in front of the drive-in theatre screen.

after ~ they manage to complete every one of the Season 5 mainly 7 obstacles in Fortnite, football player will have yet an additional hidden battle star to include to their collection. This one deserve to be uncovered at the motel, itself situated northeast the the week 1 fight star location and also east of Lazy Links. The star itself can be discovered on a stone ledge close to a "No Dancing" authorize at the motel"s empty swimming pool.

as Season 5 in Fortnite continues, brand-new challenges will be added, more loading screens will it is in unlocked, and an ext hidden battle stars will certainly be found. Us will upgrade this overview as Season 5 proceeds and more secret fight stars are discovered in the game.

Fortnite is out currently in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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