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Question 1: choice A is the correct answer. Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur can't be sustained by indevelopment systems. Question 2: alternative B is the correct answer. Validity. Validity is involved through all the essential information required to make a dec…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: All of the adhering to managerial roles deserve to be sustained by indevelopment systems except: Select one: O A. entrepreneur. B. disseminator. O O O C. resource allocator. D. nerve center. E. liaikid Which quality measurement of information is involved that all the crucial data necessary to make a decision is present? Select one: O A. Timeliness o B. Validity O O C. Accessibility D. Completeness E. Consistency Which of the complying with is not among the six main analytic functionalities of Bl systems for helping decision devices understand information and also take action? Select one: O A. Firm instance archives O O B. Forecasts, scenarios, and models C. Production reports D. Parameterized reports O E. Drill down Bl that is designed to identify the the majority of likely results of changes in the organization atmosphere is called: Select one: O A. environmental analytics. B. substantial information analytics. O E. predictive analytics. Which type of indevelopment system offers data visualization technology to analyze and also display information for planning and decision making in the develop of digitized maps? Select one: O A. GDSS O B. Location analytics o O D. DSS E. GIS Predictive analytics is supplied for every one of the complying with except: Select one: O O o o B. determining the best courses for product distribution. C. anticipating customer response to price changes. D. forecasting driver safety and security. E. establishing consumer credit scores. A pivot table is a(n): Select one: O A. integral data visualization tool provided in digital dashboards and scorecards. B. spreadsheet tool that screens 2 or even more dimensions of data in a convenient format. O O O C. kind of relational database. D. tool for performing sensitivity analysis. E. chart tool that have the right to revolve columnar data conveniently and visually. The administration methodology of utilizing a firm's strategy to generate operational targets for the business and measuring progression in the direction of them utilizing the firm's enterpclimb devices is called: Select one: O A. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). C. business knowledge. O O D. benchmarks. E. Business Performance Measurement (BPM). Executive Support Solution (ESS): Select one: O A. have actually the capacity to drill down into reduced levels of information. B. easily incorporate data from various devices. D. enable operational managers to develop parameterized reports. E. support the structured decision making of senior executives. O GDSS capabilities have boosted in addition to all of the adhering to except: Select one: A. growth of cellular netfunctions. O O O B. explosion of mobile computing. C. growth of Wi-Fi bandwidth. D. improved power of desktop computer PCs. E. rise in dedicated conference rooms.