First Western devices Finance is a bank Affiliated Lender

First Western equipment Finance is a national devices financing and leasing lender headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. First Western tools Finance is a division of an initial Western financial institution & Trust.

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personal Service

If you contact us, we’ll respond straight with solutions. Know that girlfriend aren’t just a number once you work-related with our dedicated team.


Straightforward procedure

Our programs, application process and contracts space designed to be intuitive and easy-to-understand.


flexible Terms

Your requirements come first. We offer flexible lease terms and equipment finance programs designed to aid you succeed.

Equipment Finance & Leasing for Businesses and also Municipalities

Along through custom finance remedies for devices sellers and also manufacturers, we carry out direct-to-customer commercial devices finance. An initial Western devices Finance is a division of first Western financial institution & to trust of Minot, north Dakota. Ours mission is to administer transparent and also fair equipment finance and leasing options, through no hidden fees or surprises. Our team of devoted account supervisors is accessible to aid you – contact us for an ext information. Finance is available for tools totalling $5,000 or higher.

What deserve to I Finance?



Manufacturer, Dealer & seller Finance Solutions

First Western devices Finance provides devices finance remedies for dealers, vendors and also manufacturers located across the unified States. We’ve partnered with numerous industry-leading brands, to offer in-house lease and also finance programs, occurred to assist businesses of every sizes obtain an attractive interest rate and also finance term that fits their particular budget requirements. First Western equipment Finance specializes in devices finance solutions for geospatial & GIS, agriculture, strength equipment, automotive, turf & landscape, and a variety of specialty company equipment types. Call us if the tools packages you offer are $5,000 or more, come get much more information.

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ar 179 tax Benefits

Section 179 is a an important tax benefit and one every service should know about. Our quick video explains how it works and also is updated through the latest deduction limits.

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Equipment varieties & Finance products Overview

Download our equipment species and finance products quick by click the link below.

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Online equipment Financing application

First Western devices Finance makes it simple for you to use for bank-qualified equipment financing.

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If you space an tools dealer, seller or customer and would choose to learn how our financing and also leasing services can advantage your organization, call us now