Alicia Keys and also husband Swizz Beatz announced Thursday that she to be pregnant with their second child by posting this portrait on Instagram.

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It’s a new baby because that Alicia Keys. The Grammy-winning crooner is pregnant v her second child.

The powerhouse “Girl on Fire” singer make the notice on Instagram Thursday, which corresponded with her 4th wedding anniversary v musician Swizz Beatz.

“Happy anniversary come the love of mine life. And also to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with an additional angel ~ above the way!! You make me happier 보다 I have ever known! here’s to countless many much more years that the best parts that life!” the 33-year-old wrote, share a super-smiley portrait the herself and also her husband cradling her farming belly.

Swizz Beatz, 35, whose actual name is Kasseem Dean, posted a comparable pic in which he’s kissing his wife’s arm and penned his very own sentiments.

“Love is life & life is love and we’re for this reason excited for one more GIFT from increase above,” the wrote. “Happy Anniversary mine Goddess 4 year of greatness & cheers come 100 plus much more inshallah”.

The 2 wed in Corsica in July 2010 and are currently parents to child Egypt Daoud Dean, who they invited in October of the year. Swizz likewise has 2 sons and also a daughter native previous relationships.

No word yet on the keys baby’s due date or how much along the pregnant is.

In other keys news, the “Fallin’” singer will serve together a mentor top top Team Pharrell ~ above the upcoming season of NBC’s “The Voice.”

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