He's not afraid to provide lap dances top top the set of Ellen, and also he deserve to solve a Rubik's cube much faster than it takes to film a rose ceremony, yet who specifically is The Bachelorette's Alex Bordyukov? Well, come start, he's a 28-year-old details systems supervisor native Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.

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And in person, he has actually the physique of Beauty and the Beast's Gaston. (His personality, however, feels an ext like Belle's.) as soon as he set out every one of his colorful suits (see our video below) on the bed that his hotel room the day prior to filming The Bachelorette began, i joked that i was shocked he's never been in the pages that surfacetoairnewyork.com. His response: "I know, right?! You'd think with all this stuff ns wear, who would've noticed me through now!"

The surprising point is that Alex wasn't in reality trying to obtain noticed (you can leave that to Lee, Whaboom, and plenty of other crazies this season). He's content to simply be component of the group, have fun, and also not put any kind of pressure on himself or Rachel to forge a permanent connection. "At the end of the day, it’s around her, who the best match for her. It’s no an ego thing for me. You can not be the ideal for everyone," he tells us. "If someone’s much more compatible through her 보다 I am, i won’t take it it personally."

Turns out, after tonight's elimination, that appears to be the case. But there's definitely much more to Alex 보다 what we've watched on the show. Find out, below.

surfacetoairnewyork.com: her wardrobe is amazing. How would you define your personality?

Alex Bordyukov: an extremely easygoing, an extremely goofy; i’m unorthodox. I prefer flashy however in one approachable way. I’ve been told I have the right to be intimidating. I deserve to see, if ns was attract dark suits, I might be a bond villain. For this reason my apparel will present my personality a little more, and you’ll see this man is not so scary.

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surfacetoairnewyork.com: What do you do back home in Detroit?

AB: I perform IT and accounting. On the side I’m choose a nonprofessional athlete.

surfacetoairnewyork.com: What does that mean?

AB: It means I stay an extremely active, i play sports, I choose to work-related out. I won’t say i take that serious, but it’s a huge part of my life, however without the included pressure of gift an really athlete. I simply do it because that fun.

surfacetoairnewyork.com: friend were telling me friend still have actually relatives in Russia. Exactly how do you describe that you're ~ above a huge American reality-TV show, looking for love?

AB: So my grandpa resides in a small village. I don’t even know if he’ll ever uncover out. Even if the did, he’d be like, "What? What is it?" He’s no a problem. My uncle, same way. They sort of live in very rural Russia. Ns guess we’ll see just how they feel about it.


Paul Hebert/ABCsurfacetoairnewyork.com: What room you in search of in a connection with Rachel?

AB: What i look because that in the partnership is synergy. I’m no looking come take treatment of who or to have someone take care of me, girlfriend know. Type of figure out compromise and also how we’re gonna do this work. I’m searching for something that we have the right to both add to each other’s resides without giving up our individuality.

surfacetoairnewyork.com: What execute you think has actually been your greatest weakness in past relationships?

AB: i have only ever before really dated 2 girls seriously, so i’ve only had actually two relationships. One four years; one five years. The first one was the end of high school. Mine weakness was ns was whipped like crazy! ns was whipped. The 2nd one, i guess I just wanted…I didn’t feel favor I to be the best match for her at the finish of the relationship. Ns knew that she want something else, and also I didn’t want to host her ago because the direction ns was headed was a various direction than she wanted to go.

surfacetoairnewyork.com: What’s your favorite thing to carry out on a date?

AB: once I walk on dates, that like, "Let’s walk ice-skating or absent climbing." very active. Ns don’t recognize if I’m supposed to to speak it, yet I love come cuddle. <Laughs.

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> and I’m the small spoon, obviously. Together you deserve to probably tell, I execute like to hoax around and also don't take points too seriously. But, in ~ the same time, i do have actually that next of me that’s an extremely adult. I keep it around about 80-20. Eighty percent of me: adult. And 20 percent that me: have actually fun in life. YOLO, ns guess. <Laughs.>