At ALEX AND ANI, we"re honored that our commodities affix through fans on a personal, coherent level. The symbology and message within each item are meant to enlighten, enchant, and also empower the wearer. Of course, every little thing is up to your own interpretation, however we’d love to fill you in on some of the design insight and motivation behind our miscellaneous charms and key icons. Read on to uncover some of our most renowned bangles and also the signs surprise within.

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PATH OF LIFE: The distinctive design of our PATH OF LIFE cinjury represents toughness and understanding. The trick symbol, the infinity, lies at its center. The knotted design is intended to demonstrate that we are all connected. This symbol is a pleasant reminder that you are not alone, that those in your life are with you via it all, also if they are not by your side physically. A beautiful symbol that deserve to be relatable for many, this cinjury adds somepoint unique to your arm candy stack.

Wild Heart: The black panther speaks to our primal instincts and desires. Adorned with the secret alchemical symbol of antimony, put on the panther’s forehead, this charm is evocative of passions and also represents stealth and power. The panther aids us in channeling our strengths and pursuing our desires with heart and also courage.
Hand also of Fatima: This prehistoric symbol is thought to ward off evil - and, with an eye, its trick symbol, in the facility of the palm, it deflects the gaze of the evil eye. The cinjury is also a strong symbol of femininity, periodically known as “the woman’s holy hand also.” Use this talismale to guard yourself versus negative power.
LOTUS PEACE PETALS: Representing the progression of the heart as it emerges from darkness, this charm implies harmony and resilience from within. The lotus freduced blossoms beneath the surface, favor many of us that occupational quietly to accomplish our dreams prior to sharing our glory with the human being. But the deeper, key symbol here is the Om, lying inside for development, oneness, and fact. You are at one through your personal purposes and successes. Life is yours to check out and also in which to bloom.

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Tree of Life: This magnificent tree represents our continuous growth into that we’re expected to be. With roots planted in the ground and branches extending upward, it symbolizes staying grounded while evolving and also altering for the much better. The key symbol, a team of three birds perched on its branches, signify Founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer, Carolyn Rafaelian’s, daughters — Alex, Ani, and also Aliusing.
As you browse our bracelet collections for yourself or presents, watch if you deserve to spot various other trick symbols in the designs!