We"ve heard that crazy brand-new Year"s resolutions, yet Hilaria Baldwin"s take away the cake.

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Alec Baldwin"s 29-year-old wife promised to short article a picture of herself in a yoga pose every day that 2014. 

So far, she hasn"t damaged her brand-new Year"s resolution. In fact, she appears to be obtaining more an innovative about the setups for her snapshots by the day.

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On Jan. 27, the yoga intructor took she poses to brand-new heights -- literally! She posted a picture of it s her pulling an aircraft pose... On an airplane. 

In the picture, i beg your pardon she posted to she Instagram page, Hilaria is checked out leaning front in the aisle v one foot outstretched behind her. Likewise, she arms can it is in seen relaxing over the armrests of two passengers’ seats.

"I"m sorry. You"ve never seen airplane pose at 35,000 feet? #yogapostureoftheday #hilariaypd thank you to every my fellow passenger yoga buddies!" she captioned the photo. 

Sadly, her other travelers didn"t look amused. One even looks as though she caught a noise of a foul odor (ha)! 

Hilaria to be heading earlier to her new York residence after a vacation in the Bahamas v Alec, 55, and their baby daughter Carmen.

What was your new Year"s resolution and also have you to be sticking v it? phone call us! 

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