Adele"s surprise show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Feb. 12 was truly the sexty ticket in town. It to be her first concert in the city since 2011 -- "I haven"t play in L.A. For years," she told the audience beforehand in the night, and remarked the her "best present here" in L.A. To be at The Wiltern, back in January 2009.

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The diva -- that was presented to the stark stage by she carpool karaoke pal, The so late Late Showhost James Corden -- opened up the concert with her hot 100 No. 1 quit "Hello." The 16-song set (including a reprise of "Hello") win a balance between brand-new and old material, andfeatured seven cuts from her latest album, the 200-topping25.In addition, she playedearlier singles choose the hot 100 leader "Rolling in the Deep," "Set Fire to the Rain" and also "Someone like You" (all from21).

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Throughout the evening, the diva to be charming -- and also hilarious -- as ever. She chatted about going come Disneyland the day before the display (and conference Belle fromBeauty and the Beast-- her favourite Disney film), joked about how warm she feeling on phase ("I feel choose my makeup"s about to slide off me face!") and also sang "Happy Birthday" to a lucky fan called Marissa.

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The surprised gig was just announced 2 days earlier, and also its tickets were readily available to Adele"s pan in California that were formerly registered v her website. Thus, the historic 84-year-old theater -- with a maximum volume of 2,300 -- to be stacked complete of dedicated fans that knew just about every word come every song.(Among those in attendance: actors and musicians choose Tom Hanks,Rita Wilson,Katy Perry,John Mayer, mockery Groban, Orlando Bloom,Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, WoodyHarrelson,David FosterandHAIM.)

Further, the tickets might only be picked up when inside the venue, in bespeak to prevent scalpers indigenous reselling the $50 tickets because that a higher price.

"Sorry if it was a ache in the ass gaining the tickets," Adele called the audience. "Did any of friend pay more than $50 for any type of of these tickets? … they were every saying "oh let"s perform $150 a ticket, oh yeah! So-n-so stated that…" Isaid $50." her declaration of being firm for the ticket price attracted a thunderous applause.

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"I would have less, but my record label is paying for this," suggesting that the last-minute nature the the present prevented them indigenous doing a full-on production that would have actually been much an ext expensive. She then joked the the bare-bones stage was a enjoy of the short ticket prices. "As you have the right to see through the set, we"ve operation out the money."

Adele"s sold-out tour starts in a tiny over 2 weeks, and also she told the audience the "the show is great," yet "didn"t desire to provide anything away." (She also detailed that the set list for The Wiltern display will not be the exact same as what she performs on the road during the tour.)

The tour launches Feb. 29 in Belfast, northern Ireland, and also is reserved to play more than 100 reflects in Europe and North America through November. The phibìc American leg of the tour starts top top July 5 in St. Paul, Minn., and also includes six-night stands in ~ both Madison Square Garden in brand-new York and Staples facility in Los Angeles.

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Before her last song of the night, "Rolling in the Deep," she led the group in a reprise that "Hello" -- but this time only with the audience singing. She want to catch the minute on video, and also before the song kicked off, she exclaimed, "I require some type of recording device. Hang on!" She climate ran offstage right into a darkened corner, mic still in hand, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Someone offer me a phone! oh come on, there"s choose 20 f---ing people ago here, provide me a phone!" (Cue roaring laughter native the audience.)

After the audience sang almost the entire song, Adele joined in for the last bit of the track. "That to be f---ing amazing. That was a whole f---ing song! You space amazing! … that was amazing. Thank you."

Here is Adele"s setlist at The Wiltern:HelloHometown GloryOne and also OnlyRumour has ItWater Under the BridgeI miss out on YouTurning TablesMillion year AgoSend mine Love (To Your new Lover)Chasing PavementsSomeone choose YouSet Fire come the RainAll i AskWhen us Were YoungHello (reprise/audience sing-a-long)Rolling In the Deep