Adam Lambert supplies the words "nasty," "dirty" and also "gross" to define Eddie, the ex-delivery boy he dram in director Kenny Ortega"s television remake the the 1975 campy cult standard The Rocky Horror picture Show, which airs Thursday night (Oct. 20) ~ above Fox. (The original duty was play by Meat Loaf.)

Lambert"s duty isn"t huge in the film, however it is fun and also gory, if ever those 2 adjectives could be offered together. In The Rocky Horror snapshot Show: Let"s carry out the Time Warp Again -- whose cast additionally includes Laverne Cox, Christina Milian, Reeve Carney, Ryan McCartan, Victoria Justice, Staz Nair, Annaleigh Ashford and also the legend Tim Curry, who showed up in the initial -- Lambert sings "Hot Patootie -- Bless my Soul" and has a fateful encounter v the not-so-sweet transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

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Lambert spoke with ~ above the set of the film in Toronto in the middle of the night, where they were shooting his biker scene. He had actually shaved part mutton chops (then painted black) and wore a animal leather vest.

"Rocky Horror" Team creates a "Place because that Outsiders to feeling at Home": ~ above the collection of Fox musical Remake

When was the an initial time you observed Rocky Horror?

I can"t remember. Ns think that was at some point in middle school, maybe. I don"t know how to describe it. It"s like I discovered the story line and the plot…

Your calling?

No, I currently made that discovery. It really resonated through me. I really preferred the style of humor and the shock value of it. I just gained a kick the end of it. I thought it was really ballsy.

Did you ever before go to among those sing-along with Rocky Horror screenings?

I"ve unable to do to a sing-along, a mirroring of that in Hollywood, as soon as I was in my 20s. It was a most fun.

What has actually this shoot to be like?

I"m in together a little bit cameo. This is only my third day ~ above the collection and I"m excellent tomorrow, unfortunately. The is bittersweet, since I"m bonding with the cast and everyone is really cool.

Have friend ridden a motorcycle before?

I didn"t drive it. They have actually a stunt double. I would"ve chosen to try actually, yet I think it"s an insurance allowance issue. <Laughs>

Your track "Hot Patootie" -- walk you recognize that prefer the back of your hand already from see the film?

The point that i like about it is it"s together a classic rock song. It has the skeletal of a classic. So that didn"t feel unfamiliar. Meat loaf did such an amazing task in the film, and actually Meat Loaf has actually been a really big supporter of mine publicly since I come out on Idol and i met the after Idol, for this reason it"s type of a cool connection.

But you haven"t talked to him about this: "Hey, I"m you!"?

No. Hope we"ll run right into each other.

Let"s check out what you space wearing and also your mutton chops.

First that all, Eddie is just nasty. He"s simply nasty. He"s favor a greaser Teddy Boy. He"s gross and also he"s dirty and he doesn"t really take treatment of himself and I think he"s gained a substance abuse problem. And also he"s sort of a sex addict and he"s type of disgusting. So he"s really funny to play.

Sounds choose every rock "n" role musician.

Really? <Laughs>

No, just kidding.

<Laughs> He"s funny to play due to the fact that he"s ridiculous.

So what component of the is you?

<Pauses come think> possibly the horn-dog part. <Laughs>

No, you must say the love for rock "n" roll.

And the love for rock "n" roll, of course.

If you were driving in a storm and also got a flat tire, had no cabinet phone, no Uber, and here"s this castle, and also you knocked and also saw what to be inside, would you run or would you go, "Yes, party time!"?

If ns walked in and also saw a bunch of fabulous youngsters in glam costumes, I would certainly feel ideal at home.

When I experienced the cast walking up the stairs, i thought, it"s as with an EDM concert.

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It"s pretty lot like one of my birthday parties. <Laughs>

Halloween, if human being start going out together you, together Eddie, what would the costume be because that sale in ~ Walmart?

Junkyard dog, quote-unquote. It"s usually a greaser punk rocker. It"s one component Billy Idol. Dirty rocker punk guy. Bikes and leather and a pompadour and also sideburns.