02. Lyrically Speaking03. A continuous N-gga (Feat. Big Pooh of tiny Brother)04. Day In The Life05. 100 yard Dash06. Blowing castle Horns07. Gutter (Feat. Jay Rock)08. Im A G (Feat Glasses Malone & Schoolboy Q)09. Operation Tha Show10. Watch Yo Lady (Feat. K. Dot)11. Mr. AB-SOULutely12. Studio Life13. Me & Ms. Ache (Feat. Punch)14. AB-SOUL15. Life is Crazy16.. Lengthy Term (Feat. Lori Writes)17. Solo18. The Notch (Feat. Bin Ghrimm, Young Magic & BC) (Bonus Track)19. Distortion (Bonus Track)

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01. Quiet A constant Nigga (Feat. Javonte)02. No pressure (Feat. Jay Rock)03. Drift Away04. Livin like (Feat. Rapper huge Pooh)05. Home Party 506. Be A Man07. Spirit Cry08. Rotate Me up (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)09. Passion (Feat. Alori Joh)10. Bankrupt11. Mayday12. Rush13. Happen The dull (Feat. Schoolboy Q)14. My Dream Girl15. Deserve to Anybody hear Me (Feat. Punch)16. Long Term 217. Budget plan Ballin (Bonus Track)18. Thought It was Love (feat. Sore Losers) (Bonus Track)


01. Real Thinkers02. Unable to do Insane03. Ease My Tie04. Nothing new (Feat. Jhene Aiko)05. Hell yes (Feat. Schoolboy Q)06. Moscato (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)07. Optimal Dawg Under Dawg08. Time is of the significance (Feat. Punch)09. More of A Euphoria (Feat. Alori Joh)10. Snapshot that (Feat. Javonte)11. Large Payback (Feat. MURS)12. Nearly There (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)13. #LTM (Feat. Beat Brown)14. Constipation

01. Soulo Ho3 (Feat. Jhene Aiko)02. Track Two03. Bohemian Grove04. Terrorist risks (Feat. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko)05. Pineal Gland06. Twin Standards07. Blended Emotions08. SOPA (feat. Schoolboy Q)09. Lust Demons (Feat. Jay absent & BJ the Chicago Kid)10. Illuminate (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)11. A Rebellion (Feat. Alori Joh)12. Showin" Love13. Empathy (Feat. Alori Joh & Ja Vonte")14. Nothing’s Something15. Beautiful fatality (Feat. Punch & Ashtrobot)16. The book Of Soul17. Black color Lip Bastard (Remix) (Feat. Black Hippy)
01. Gods power (feat. SZA)02. Tree that Life03. Hunnid Stax (feat. ScHoolboy Q)04. Dub Sac05. Human being Runners (feat. Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean)06. Nevermind that (feat. Rick Ross)07. Twact (feat. Jinx & brief Dawg)08. Just have Fun09. Kendrick Lamar"s Interlude (feat. Kendrick Lamar)10. Closure11. Sapiosexual12. Stigmata (feat. Action Bronson & Asaad)13. Feelin" united state (feat. Jay absent & Ravaughn)14. Ride slow-moving (feat. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas)15. W.R.O.H. (feat. JMSN)
01 life (backwards) (feat. Zacari)02 Braille (feat. Bas)03 Huey Knew climate (feat. Da$H)04 threatening Nature05 Womanogamy06 INvocation (feat. Kokane)07 Wifey vs. WiFi / / / P.M.S. (feat. BR3)08 to win the instance (feat. ScHoolboy Q) / / / directly Crooked09 Portishead In the Morning / / / her World10 God"s a Girl?11 now You Know12 D.R.U.G.S.13 angry Genius (feat. Teedra Moses & JaVonté)14 Lonely soul (feat. Punch) / / / The law (Prelude) (feat. SZA)15 The legislation (feat. Mac fearbut & Rapsody)16 YMF
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