Phonetics. A native pronounced the exact same as another but differing in meaning, even if it is spelled the same method or not, as heir and air; a homophone (def. 1).
a word the is both a homophone and a homograph, that is, precisely the very same as one more in sound and also spelling yet different in meaning, as chase “to pursue” and chase “to ornament metal.”
(loosely) a indigenous of the very same written type as another but the different an interpretation and generally origin, even if it is pronounced the same means or not, as bear “to carry; support” and bear “animal” or command “to conduct” and also lead “metal;” a homograph.
Biology. A name provided to a varieties or genus the has currently been assigned come a different varieties or genus and also that is therefore rejected.

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First taped in 1635–45; native Latin homōnymum, indigenous Greek homṓnymon, neuter the homṓnymos homonymous
1-3. Three similar terms— homophone, homograph, and also homonym —designate words that are the same in pronunciation, spelling, or both, while differing in definition and typically in origin. Homophones (“same” + “sound”) are various words the sound alike, whether or not they room spelled alike. Thus pair “two that a kind,” pare “cut off,” and pear, the fruit, space homophones since they sound specifically the same, also though each is spelled differently. But bear “carry or support” and also bear, the animal, space homophones the not only sound alike yet are likewise spelled alike. Homographs (“same” + “writing”) are various words that space spelled the same however may or might not have actually the very same pronunciation. The homographs sound “noise,” sound “healthy,” and also sound, “a body of water,” because that example, room spelled and also pronounced the same way. However, words through the exact same spelling yet different pronounced level are additionally homographs. Familiar instances are the pairs row /roʊ/ “line” and also row /raʊ/ “fight” and also sewer /ˈsu ər/ “conduit because that waste” and also sewer /ˈsoʊ ər/ “person who sews.” Their the same spellings specify them together homographs no matter exactly how they are said. the word homonyms (“same” + “names”) is, strict speaking, either a synonym for homophones or a name for indigenous that space at as soon as homophones and homographs —alike in both spelling and pronunciation—such together the two words order b-e-a-r and also the 3 spelled s-o-u-n-d. As a helpful matter, however, the state homophone, homograph, and homonym are often distinguished from one one more by the contexts in i beg your pardon they room found. Homophone and homograph —the very first focused on sound and also the 2nd on spelling—appear generally in technical or scholastic writing, where fine distinctions room important. The an ext familiar indigenous homonym, heard in classrooms from at an early stage grades on, has come to be an all-inclusive hatchet that explains not just words that space both homophonic and homographic, however words that room either one or the other. In common parlance, then, words the sound alike, look at alike, or both, can be called homonyms.

WORDS THAT may BE confused WITH homonym

homograph, homonym , homophone (see synonym study at the current entry)
homolysis, homomorphic, homomorphism, Homo naledi, homonomous, homonym, homonymous, homonymous construction, homonymous diplopia, homonymous hemianopsia, homonyms


What is a homonym?

A homonym is a native that has a different meaning than an additional word however is pronounce the exact same or spelled the exact same or both.

The word homonym can be supplied as a synonym for both homophone and also homograph. it can likewise be used to describe words that are both homophones and also homographs.

Homophones are words the sound the same however have different meanings, whether they’re assignment the exact same or not. There, their, and also they’re space homophones. However so space bark (the sound a dog makes) and bark (the extending of a tree).

Homographs space words that have the very same spelling yet different meanings, whether they’re pronounced the very same or not. Bass (the fish, rhymes through class) and also bass (the instrument, rhymes with ace) room homographs. Yet so are bark (the sound a dog makes) and bark (the extending of a tree).

As you deserve to see, the 2 senses that bark deserve to be considered both homographs and also homophones. The word homonym can likewise be provided to describe such words—meaning they have both the same spelling and the very same pronunciation, but different meanings.

There are plenty of homonyms in English, including many typically used words, which have the right to make points confusing, even for native speakers.

Overall, knowing what words homonym way is a many less essential than making certain you use homonyms properly so civilization can recognize what you mean. But knowing the difference between homographs, homophones, and also homonyms deserve to help. One way to remember the difference is to find out what their endings mean.

Homograph, homophone, and also homonym all start with homo-, which way “same.”

The -graph in homograph means “written.” Homographs are words that space written the same—meaning they constantly have the exact same spelling—but have different meanings. Homographs have the right to be express the very same or not.

The -phone in homophone way “sound.” Homophones space words the sound the same however have various meanings, even if it is they’re order the same or not. There, their, and they’re room homophones. Bear (the animal) and also bare (meaning “uncovered” or “empty”) room homophones.

The -nym in homonym method “name.” words homonym can be provided to refer to a word that is both a homograph and also a homophone. The can also be used as a synonym (there’s the -nym again) because that either homophone or homograph.

The indigenous homonym is frequently used in a lot looser way than homophone and homograph—it have the right to refer to a word that is either a homophone or a homograph or both.

In biology, the word homonym is used in a an ext specific means to describe a surname for a varieties or genus that have to be unique yet has been provided for two or much more different organisms.

Homonyms can be a resource of confusion, particularly when they’re provided out that context.

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