This file contains information about setting up your notebook and also configuring windows 10 because that the very first time. To set up your brand-new computer, unpack the computer, turn it on, and also then finish the windows 10 setup process.

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Adjust the height of the display so the whole viewing area is just below your eye height. The height and angle the the screen should not cause neck or earlier pain during prolonged viewing.
Adjust the distance of the screen so her eyes room at least one meter (three feet) away and also only contempt angled down.
Most notebooks are smaller than common monitors and might need a was standing or small platform come raise it to the height and also angle defined above.


Plug the AC adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet. Carry out not plug into a power strip, surging protector, or an additional power source.
Cables deserve to be unsightly and should be surprise from check out by routing castle behind the ago of the workdesk or between the desk and also a wall.

If available, usage the USB port on the back of the laptop; this permits you come plug USB drives right into the USB harbor on the sides of the laptop.

If the wireless computer mouse comes with an external dongle, plug the dongle into a USB port on the notebook.
If available, use the USB harbor on the earlier of the laptop; this allows you come plug USB drives right into the USB ports on the sides of the laptop.
The an individual digital assistant Cortana travel guide you v the procedure of setup up home windows 10, through the choice of making use of voice manage instead of using your mouse to development through setup. To adjust Cortana"s volume, use the volume control icon
in ~ the bottom right corner of the screen. To disable voice control and also mute Cortana, click the microphone symbol
in ~ the bottom the the screen.
Press the power button to rotate on the computer. Throughout the setup process, windows 10 could take a lengthy time to process an items without visual feedback top top the screen to indicate progress. This is normal.
After the logo, the Let"s start with region. Is this correct? display displays. Select your country or an ar from the list, and also then click Yes.
The Is this the right key-board layout? display screen displays. Select the preferred keyboard layout, and also then click Yes.
On the Do you desire to add a 2nd keyboard layout? screen, you deserve to either follow the accuse for including another keyboard layout or click Skip.
On the Let"s affix you to a network screen, pick from the accessible networks, kind in her user name and password if necessary, and then click Connect.
After a few introductory setup display screens that require no action, the Windows 10 patent Agreement display screen displays. After analysis the license agreement, come proceed, click expropriate to continue.
After the license agreement, the sign in with Microsoft display displays. Sign in through your Microsoft account or click create account and also follow the prompts to create a brand-new Microsoft account.
After signing in, the complying with setup screens display. Follow the on-screen instructions come customize Windows.
Read any introductory display screens describing the attributes of your computer, do selections once prompted, and also then click next up on completing each.

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To readjust the date and also time, in windows search for Date. In the results, click date & time settings.
By default, the set time automatically slider is collection to On. If the computer system is not connected to the Internet, the date and also time might be incorrect.