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(Solution) The direct write-off an approach is agree for usage by businesses as soon as a. A large amount the receivables will come to be uncollectible. They have actually large...

6.The direct write-off an approach is agree for use by businesses whena. A large amount that receivables will end up being uncollectible. B. They have huge receivable balances as a part of existing assets. C. Castle sell most of their goods or service for cash or credit card. D. They do all their sales top top account and do not have actually cash sales.5. A main weakness that the direct write-off an approach is thata. That is based on estimates. B. The understates accounts receivable top top the balance sheet. C. The expense of a bad debt is no matched come the period that created the uncollectible sale amount. D. The is too daunting for numerous companies come use. 4.The direct write-off method is requireda. For companies that factor their receivables. B. By GAAP. C. Whereby receivables are a big part of the existing assets. D. Because that federal revenue tax purposes.

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