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1A company"s compete strategy deals with
A)the particular actions monitoring plans to take it to develop a far better value chain 보다 rivals.
B)how it plans come unify that is functional and operating strategies into a cohesive initiative aimed at effectively taking customers away from rivals.
C)deals solely with the specifics of management"s game plan for competing successfully—its particular efforts to you re welcome customers, its offensive and defensive moves to respond to the maneuvers of rivals, that responses to every little thing market conditions prevail in ~ the moment, its initiatives to strengthen its market position, and its method to securing a competitive advantage vis-à-vis rivals.
D)its plans because that under-pricing rivals and achieving product superiority.
E)the specific actions administration intends to take to strongly identify its product supplying from the offerings of rival carriers in the industry.
2The five generic types of competitive techniques include
A)offensive strategies, protective strategies, differentiation strategies, low-cost strategies, and also first-mover strategies.
B)low-cost leadership, vast differentiation, best-cost provider, concentrated low-cost, and also focused differentiation.
C)offensive strategies, defensive strategies, striving to it is in a sector leader, technical leadership strategies, and product invention strategies.
D)low-price strategies, premium price strategies, middle-of-the-road strategies, product management strategies, and market share leadership strategies.
E)attacking challenger strengths, attacking contender weaknesses, sector leadership strategies, low-cost management strategies, and product superiority strategies.
3A low-cost leader"s basis because that competitive benefit is
A)using an everyday low pricing strategy to gain the biggest market share.
B)bigger benefit margins than rival firms.
C)high the person who lives switching costs since of the company"s distinguished product offering.
D)meaningfully lower all at once costs than competitors.
E)a call for charging the shortest prices in the industry.
4A vain strategy that striving to it is in the low-cost provider is specifically attractive when
A)buyers room large, have far-ranging power to bargain under prices, usage the product in lot the exact same ways, and incur low expenses in switching their purchases indigenous one seller come another.
B)most rivals are trying to identify their product providing from those of rivals.
C)there are countless ways come achieve greater product high quality that have actually value come buyers.
D)buyers room not swayed by advertising and are not an extremely brand-loyal.
E)most rivals room pursuing best-cost or broad differentiation strategies.
5A broad differentiation strategy
A)is one attractive competitive technique whenever buyers" needs and preferences are too varied to be satisfied through a product that is essentially identical indigenous seller come seller.
B)can produce sustainable competitive benefit if the separating features possess solid buyer appeal and can"t be replicated or quickly matched through rivals.
C)works ideal when the basis for differentiation is superior performance features and also buyer switching expenses are low.
D)offers a better chance for gaining market share 보다 low-cost or best-cost provider strategies, and also typically enables a certain to fee the highest price in the industry.
E)can create sustainable competitive benefit if the differentiating features possess solid buyer appeal and can"t be duplicated or easily matched by rivals; plus is one attractive competitive technique whenever buyers" needs and preferences space too diverse to be satisfied by a product the is basically identical native seller come seller
6Which that the adhering to is not among the four basic routes to achieving a differentiation-based vain advantage?
A)Appealing to high-income buyers who are willing and also able to salary a premium price for a high-performing, multi-featured product
B)Incorporating functions that raise product performance
C)Incorporating product attributes and user attributes that reduced the buyer"s overall costs of making use of the company"s product
D)Delivering value to customers via competencies and competitive capabilities the rivals don"t have actually or can"t afford come match
E)Incorporating attributes that enhance buyer satisfaction in intangible or non-economic ways
7A strategy of being a best-cost provider
A)is the easiest of the 5 generic types of competitive tactics to copy or imitate.
B)combines a strategic focus on low price with a strategic focus on more than minimally acceptable quality, service, features, and performance.
C)is nearly always more rewarding than focused or sector niche strategies due to the fact that of the potential for selling more units and realizing greater revenues.
D)is the most attractive of all the compete strategies since it combine the finest features of the four other generic species of vain strategies.
E)is usually somewhat less profitable than one of two people top-of-the-line differentiation or low-cost leadership strategies because it is based upon achieving a weaker kind of vain advantage.
8Which of the adhering to are distinguishing features the a best-cost provider strategy?
A)The strategic target is price-conscious buyers
B)A marketing emphasis on charging a slightly greater price than rival brand having equivalent features and also attributes
C)A product line the stresses large selection, plenty of product variations, and also emphasis on differentiating features
D)A competitive advantage based on an ext value because that the money
E)Using continuous product innovation, excellent R&D skills, and periodic technical breakthroughs to sustain the strategy
9What sets focused (or industry niche) strategies apart from low-cost management and large differentiation tactics is
A)the extra fist paid to creating a distinctive competence.
B)their focused attention on serving the demands of buyers in a narrow piece of the overall market.
C)greater chance for brand loyalty.
D)their suitability for market situations where technical change is fast-paced and continuous product invention is a crucial success factor.
E)their interlocutor strategic will of an international market management via heavy advertising.
10A concentrated differentiation strategy aims at securing competitive advantage by
A)providing buyers in the target industry niche with the ideal performance features at the best price.
B)catering come buyers in search of a medium-quality product at an average price.
C)offering buyers in the target industry niche a product which they perceive is uniquely well suited to their tastes and also preferences.
D)developing distinct product attributes.

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E)convincing buyers that the firm is a true leader in product innovation.