The price that wheat is the subject holding together this episodic quick story. As Sam Lewiston hitches increase the buckboard, he and his wife, Emma, anxiously wonder if wheat is still selling for sixty-six cent a bushel. Like so numerous Kansas farmers, they confront economic disaster if the price does no rise. Nevertheless of the market, Sam need to sell his wheat today, and if the bear still ascendancy in Chicago, he and Emma will shed the land they love. Both sense that their worst fears are around to it is in realized. Spring out throughout the prairie and also into an unsure future, Emma reminds Sam of his brother Joe’s offer of job-related in Chicago. Sam resists the idea of giving up, yet as he kisses Emma good-bye and rides turn off to town, the reader knows the hope is all yet gone.

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On entering the office of Bridges & Co., grain Dealers, Sam it s okay the bad news indigenous Bridges himself. Wheat is in ~ sixty-two cents. “It’s Truslow and also the be afflicted with clique the stick the knife into us,” laments Bridges, who is powerless to help his farmer friends. Sam Lewiston is ruined, and also so are numerous of his neighbors. It expenses them a disagreement a bushel to raise the wheat, and also few, absolutely not Sam, deserve to afford to save it any longer. Dazed through this sad turn of events, Sam goes home to Emma. “We’ll walk to Chicago,” he tells her. “We’re cleaned out!”

The second episode takes place some months later when Mr. Hornung and the bulls have actually driven wheat approximately $1.10 per bushel. The bears, led by the once dominant Truslow, room on the run. Indeed, the scene opens up with Hornung agreeing to sell a hundred thousand bushels that wheat to Truslow, functioning out the address Mr. Gates, among the good bear’s minions. Hornung wonders if he has done the ideal thing. Truslow has actually paid dearly for the wheat, which he apparently had to have actually in order to cover overseas commitments, however Hornung’s broker cautions that the bulls should have taken full benefit of the good bear’s distress to damage him. Only then would certainly the bull industry be safe.

The third episode move ahead numerous days come the frenetic pit the the Chicago board of Trade. The bulls still host the edge in wheat, v Hornung setup the price at $1.50. Suddenly, one of the bears, a new man called Kennedy, starts selling wheat in thousand-bushel lots, and also the bulls cannot figure where Kennedy is acquiring it. Had Hornung not hosted firm and kept buying at $1.50, the market can have broken, and that would have provided the bears their chance to drive the price down. That was behind the raid? Truslow is the prime suspect, but for weeks he had actually made no move, and also rumor had actually it that he remained in Wisconsin, bass fishing at Lake Geneva.

The 4th episode solves the mystery. Cyrus Ryder, a detective, speak Hornung and his broker the he dressed together a hobo and also rode the Belt Line about Chicago looking for the source of Kennedy’s wheat. Truslow, that owns the Belt Line, to be shipping the very grain he had actually bought indigenous Hornung the end of Chicago and ago to his elevator together though it were brand-new wheat new from Kansas. Truslow had been do the efforts to rest the bull market by selling back to Hornung at substantial profit the really wheat he had purchased native the latter and pledged to ship abroad. The broker is incensed at Truslow’s chicanery, yet Hornung laughs that off as a brilliant ploy and plans to recoup his losses and also outmaneuver Truslow by increasing the price of wheat to 2 dollars.

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The 5th episode begins in a breadline behind a southern Side bakery. The is cold and drizzling and practically 1:00 a.m. Dozens that hungry men have been over there for hrs waiting because that the...