According to a current survey, 44 percent of new businesses survive for at least salso years. A. True B. False

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Often, owners of little businesses start their own providers bereason they have actually no "entrepreneurial spirit". A. True B. False
A disbenefit of operating a little organization is its limited capacity to attain capital. A. True B. False
The SBA offers small-organization owners through free counseling, courses, conferences, workshops, and also a vast range of publications. A. True B. False
Small-company advance centers (SBDC) is a university-based team that provides individual counseling and also practical training primarily for members of racial and ethnic minorities. A. True B. False
Venture funding is invested in little firms that have actually the potential to come to be exceptionally successful. A. True B. False
Small businesses drive the UNITED STATE economy. They reexisting _____ percent of all employer firms in the USA. A. 70B. 49.8C. 99.7D. 88.6E. 65.2
Statistically, seven out of ten brand-new businesses fail within their first five years. These failures are the result of: A. employee theft and also embezzlementB. mismonitoring resulting from a lack of organization know-howC. a absence of funding and machineryD. regulatory difficultiesE. arguments among the partners
What is the major source of funding for entrepreneurs? A. governmentB. personal resourcesC. lending institutionsD. investorsE. friends or relatives
The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE): A. is a group of energetic supervisors who counsel small-company owners on a volunteer basisB. is a team of retired executives who volunteer solutions to small businesses with the SBA.C. is a group of reexhausted executives from Sears, Roebuck and Co.D. is a group of active supervisors that cousel small-organization owners on a fee basisE. offers company for a tiny fee
Why have actually women and also minority entrepreneurs got special attention from the Small Business Administration (SBA)? A. About 2 out of 3 firms owned by woguys and also minorities go out of company within four years of their founding.B. Businesses owned by womales and also minorities will certainly provide over 50 percent of the work in this nation.C. Woguys and also minorities have actually a better knack for business.D. Twenty-2 percent of the loans made to women and also minority organization owners are previous due.E. Raising money is nagging difficulty for womales and minority company owners.
A service arrangement is a very closely constructed guide that should serve as: A. a technical planB. a road map to making profitsC. a worksheetD. a financial toolE. communication, administration, and also planning tools
Why are fewer tiny businesses in production industries, compared via circulation industries or organization industries? A. The SBA is more willing to assist firms in service or circulation industries.B. Production markets usually call for huge initial investments in machinery and also devices.C. Entrepreneurs take into consideration production markets to be in decline and thus look in other places for opportunities.D. Manufacturers are up against more competition.E. The typical entrepreneur has more skills in retailing and customer services than in production.
Which of the adhering to is NOT an advangtage of a tiny business? A. Potential for employee advance is limitedB. Close personal relationships in between managers and employeesC. Ability to adapt to changeD. A checkbook and also a cash-receipts journal make up the records systemE. Owners can set their very own occupational hours
Small-organization investment service providers (SBICs) are: A. owned by governpsychological agencies, such as the SBAB. arranged to sell financial advice to little enterprisesC. a resource of resources for promising businesses of any sizeD. not intfinished to be profit-making organizationE. privately owned firms that carry out undertaking capital to tiny entrepreneurs
Which is NOT an benefit of the franchisor in franchising? A. Franchisor has actually even more funding to usage for advertisingB. Distribution of assets deserve to expand at a faster rateC. Outallows are preserved according to standardsD. The franchise deserve to begin a business via limited capitalE. A franchisor benefits from the impetus of the franchisee
An advantage of franchising is that the franchisor retains a great deal of manage. A. True B. False
Throughout the last decade, the number of little businesses in the USA hs increased 49 percent. A. True B. False

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More than 70 percent of Americans would certainly prefer being an entrepreneur to working for someone else. A. True B. False