Contacting Blue cross Blue Shield Customer organization Center

Blue overcome Blue Shield offer health care and also medical coverage via 38 independently-operated providers in the united States. Some Blue overcome Blue Shield to plan are available through employers and others are obtainable for purchase straight from a Blue overcome Blue Shield provider. The 38 companies administer health insurance choices for world in every 50 states. Once you speak to the Blue overcome Blue Shield customer organization number you will certainly be connected with the correct company based top top the zip password you enter.

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Some the the surname of the insurance carriers working v Blue overcome Blue Shield incorporate Wellmark, Anthem, CareFirst, EmpireBlue, Horizon and Excellus.

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Contact Info:

Phone contact Numbers

Blue cross Blue Shield customer business is listed by one of the 38 companies accessible to world in all 50 states. In enhancement to the subsidiary companies, a main number is obtainable for customers who desire to learn an ext about Blue cross Blue Shield insurance allowance or purchase insurance.

Sales: 1-888-630-2583

You can discover the website for the Blue overcome Blue Shield in her state in ~

Mailing Address

There space two main offices because that Blue cross Blue Shield customer service. These offices are no the offices with which girlfriend insurance account is currently held. If you need to call your Blue cross Blue Shield firm visit to find your agency website.

Blue overcome Blue Shield Chicago225 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60601


Blue cross Blue Shield Washington1310 G St. NWWashington, DC 20005

Official Website

The Blue overcome Blue Shield customer company website is located at From the key website customers have the right to learn an ext about the company, but detailed insurance details in not available. Individual websites are accessible for every of the 38 companies. Girlfriend can find a complete list that state websites in ~ or you can visit if you have actually insurance through the federal Blue cross Blue Shield program.

Customer organization Email

Technical concerns or comments around the Blue overcome Blue Shield website can be forwarded come bcbswebmaster, however there is no customer service email because that addressing insurance allowance concerns because insurance policies are not handled by the key company.

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our Experience

When we called the Blue cross Blue Shield customer service phone number we were asked for our zip password so the call could it is in routed to one more company. Over there is no straight customer service available for general questions or comments due to the fact that Blue overcome Blue Shield operates with the subsidiary businesses, not through the main company.