General InfoAt Menchie"s, we"re mixing it up and making you smile one Froyo in ~ a time. Since opening our very first store in valley Village, CA in 2007, the Menchie"s family members has get an impressive to an ext than 500 areas in end 10 countries. However no matter just how far across the globe we span, our commitment to developing high-quality, delicious frozen yogurt will always come first. Through over 100 rotating flavors and an ext than 70 toppings"we market mixes everyone will certainly love.Hours

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Payment methodmaster card, visa, all significant credit cardsLocationWestchester VLGNeighborhoodsWestchester-Playa Del Rey, Westchester, West Los AngelesAKA

Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt - Westchester

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CategoriesYogurt, ice cream Cream & Frozen Desserts other Information

Cuisines:Yogurt, Dessert, Healthy, ice cream Cream



Bike Parking:Yes

Price range :Below Average


Are girlfriend in the the atmosphere for part frozen yogurt? Well, what much better place 보다 Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt right here in Los Angeles! besides being well-known for having excellent frozen yogurt, various other cuisines lock offer encompass Dessert, ice Cream, Yogurt, and Healthy.

When contrasted to other restaurants, Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt is inexpensive, fairly a transaction in fact!

Being in Los Angeles, Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt in 90045 offer many surrounding neighborhoods including places like main LA, Vernon, and also Hilltop. If you desire to check out a complete list of all frozen yogurt shops in Los Angeles, we have you covered!

If you are interested in various other Los Angeles frozen yogurt shops, you can shot YogurtLand. We have the right to also suggest you to other great places come eat frozen yogurt in cities surrounding Los Angeles, like Pinkberry in Studio City, Froyo Life Pasadena in Pasadena or Toppings Yogurt in Beverly Hills. If you shot one, nothing forget to drop a review below on!

After you"ve went to Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt, if you"re searching for something new to try, examine out an ext restaurants in Los Angeles, take the end restaurants in Los Angeles, or quick food restaurants in Los Angeles.

We hope you reap your suffer at Menchie"s Frozen Yogurt frozen yogurt shops in Los Angeles, and also please leave united state your review listed below with!

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