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Property address8660 Hayden Pl #8Culver City, CA 90232
Alternate address(es)8660 Hayden Pl 8 #8
CountyLos Angeles
Parcel ID4204005015
Legal description*TR=32560 many 8
NeighborhoodLucerne - Higuera
MunicipalityCulver City

Property classLight Manufacturing/Small equipment Manufacturing/Small machine Shop/Instrument Manufacturing/Printing plant - One Story (3100)
Weed hazardNo
Year built1977
Square footage57,728

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Sales & Property history for 8660 Hayden location #8, Culver City

Sales history, mortgages, liens, and pre-foreclosures for 8660 Hayden place #8, Culver City. The complete property history is available in a single place, including buyer and seller information, in-depth mortgage & lien records, distressed property records.

Title files for 8660 Hayden place #8, Culver City

Records go earlier to 1966 and also include the complete background of deeds, mortgages, assignments that leases and rents, and also more! Plus, scanned pictures of paper images room one-click away.

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Property Taxes because that 8660 Hayden ar #8, Culver City

Access in-depth property tax data for 8660 Hayden place #8, Culver City. Tax info included: residential or commercial property tax, industry value and also assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and also assessment history.