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Cici"s enterprise L.p.

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Parking:Lot, Private


Bike Parking:Yes


Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Cuisines:Buffets, take it Out, Pizza

Takes Reservations:Yes

Outdoor Seating:No

Price range :Below Average


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VISIT...Often come here for a fun, cheap pizza buffet. Last visit, carried our grandkids in for a funny lunch.LOCATION...Clean, carry place v TV"s in the corners and also a video game room in back. Pizza buffet is well stocked and also the staff keeps an extremely clean. Drops and spills are cleaned up ideal away. Restrooms are likewise clean and also stocked, making it basic to to wash young hands.FOOD...This is an all you have the right to eat pizza buffet for very tiny money - only 4.99 add to a drink. I recommend gaining the drink as a "thank you" come the owner for the good attention to detail - to add they have a fun choice of salads, pizzas, and also desserts. For some reason I prefer their apologize Fanta through pizza, though I"d probably never otherwise drink it.Start the meal through a salad bar v fresh vegetables and pasta, then have a key of soup with a side of garlic bread and some dipping sauce!The pizza"s space decent quality - nothing fancy like the other large Chicago places - however well precious the price. Girlfriend can also order what you don"t watch on the buffet if you choose. The food selection they come up through rotates very well, with everything from criter (such together pepperoni, cheese or veggie) to the much more fun and also unique (Italiano Garlic, Tater Tot or Hamburger) They sell both a regular and thin crust alternative as well.Pizzas were hot and also fresh! If we ordered miscellaneous special, they carried a plate with numerous slices to your table so you space assured of getting a taste, hot from the oven.There are number of dessert choices as well! The cinnamon rolls are wonderful for what they are.

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We"ve picked them up because that take the end to a party before, to positive reviews v none left over.SERVICE...The owner (Bob) and managers (Kevin, Dennis and also Ello) are always circling to make certain your endure is a great one. They stop by the tables to see if you prefer the food, and also ask if over there is anything you don"t check out on your buffet.LAST WORD...Overall, if you want a funny lunch or dinner with a great amount that food for little money, you can"t to win Cici"s! I freshly saw an advertisement stating (paraphrased) why gain a $5 foot lengthy when girlfriend can acquire $24 feet (?) for the same price? well said!