Are you searching for quality care for you yourself or a love one close to the university of Florida? yes no need to look far as UF Health has actually several locations approximately the heart of Gainesville that market nationally known care. That method primary and urgent treatment that you can trust is conveniently nearby.

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While UF Health continues to prosper to satisfy the demands of its ar far and wide, it right now has 5 locations close to the university of Florida. Even if it is it’s checkups, annual physicals, managing complicated health comes to or addressing issues that need immediate attention, we’re below for girlfriend every step of the way. We likewise offer prolonged hours because that existing patients at UF wellness Pediatrics – Gerold L. Schiebler CMS Center.

Find a place closest come you.


Call 352.265.2222 because that pediatric primary care appointments.

Adult primary Care

Call 352.265.1234 because that adult primary treatment appointments.

We likewise offer Saturday appointments at our UF Health family Medicine - key Street location.

Emergency Care

To learn more about ours emergency treatment options, you re welcome visit ours Take treatment page.

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Urgent Care


CareSpot Urgent treatment – an Affiliate the UF Health

720 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 160A

Gainesville, FL32601


More areas in Gainesville

For Patients

Visitors & Family

Health Professionals




Together us discover. Together us teach. Together we care for our patients and also our communities. Together we create unstoppable momentum.



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