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stole Kettle Realty Associates, LLC and Ikf home Farm, LLC have actually been connected to this resolve through corporate registration records. This resolve is #4 on the perform of city addresses by the variety of businesses registered there. The ZIP code for this deal with is 13743 and the postal password suffix is 2014. The resolve has the following coordinates: 42.1943734,-76.3133431. It expenses $740 per month to rent two bedrooms in the ZIP code 13743, according to HUD"s Office of Policy advancement and Research. The may cost you $846 every month to rental a two-bedroom apartment in Tioga County, states HUD. The fastest internet connection at this attend to is offered by Charter communications Inc. Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1 is a technology used by the ISP to administer connectivity. Claimed downstream speed is 940 mbit/s, upstream speed is 35 mbit/s

Sales and also Prices in the neighborhood in current Years

This chart mirrors the variety of sales, minimum, maximum and average prices. The data is based on a examine of information around the nearest 1,500 houses

Associated Businesses

Iron Kettle Realty Associates, LLC

Domestic minimal Liability Company
brand-new York State department of State, division of Corporations steel Kettle Realty Associates, llc Domestic restricted Liability Company, Domestic minimal Liability firm
Date Established: Dec 12, 2000

Ikf residence Farm, LLC

Domestic minimal Liability Company
new York State room of State, department of companies Ikf residence Farm, gmbh Domestic minimal Liability Company, Domestic limited Liability agency

ZIP password 13743 Rent values in Feb 2021

Fair sector rent values for properties in the 13743 according to the HUD data

Year0 Bedrooms1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms

Tioga county Rent worths in Feb 2021

Below room fair market rent values developed by the HUD for Tioga County

Year 0 Bedrooms 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
2021 $632$654$846$1,117$1,284
2020 $606$634$820$1,070$1,224
2019 $609$640$830$1,086$1,236
2018 $558$607$781$1,029$1,157
2017 $543$597$767$1,038$1,192
2016 $500$575$729$987$1,126
2015 $549$581$742$1,058$1,199
2014 $512$542$692$987$1,119
2013 $528$558$713$1,017$1,152
2012 $590$593$709$925$1,085
2011 $596$599$716$934$1,096
2010 $602$604$723$944$1,107
2009 $580$583$697$910$1,067
2008 $561$563$674$880$1,032
2007 $478$480$574$749$879
2006 $454$456$546$713$836

Internet organization Providers (ISP)

Provider NameTechnologyDownstream SpeedUpstream Speed
Charter interactions Inc

Charter Communications, Inc

Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1

940 mbps*

35 mbps
Haefele TvHaefele Tv Inc

Optical Carrier/Fiber come the finish User

250 mbps

25 mbps
Viasat IncViasat, Inc


35 mbps

3 mbps
HughesnetHns license Sub, LLC


25 mbps

3 mbps
Frontier interactions CorporationVDSL25 mbps 2 mbps
Frontier communications CorporationADSL218 mbps 1 mbps
Frontier interactions CorporationAsymetrical xDSL6 mbps 1 mbps
SkycastersVsat Systems, LLC


2 mbps

1.300 mbps
*mbps — megabits per second. 1mbit = 125 kilobytes

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Neighbors" period Distribution

The graph shows the circulation of age groups in the neighborhood based on data for the 500 households located adjacent