701 21st Street, NW, The George Washington college Museum and also The Textile Museum, Washington DC, DC 20052

A extension of the old Textile Museum near Dupont Circle, this variation offers greater facilities and galleries for textile display. Well worth a visit.

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I"m in come craft and also was for this reason looking forward to this museum and I should admit i was very disappointed. The upstairs have a really nice repertoire of prints yet then when you go down stairs there may have actually been favor ten or for this reason textiles, I need to admit from the things I read about the museum i was expecting a lot more. If you desire to go and read about different textile and different weaving styles this is a great place simply don"t mean to check out a many of instances in the museum. I really wish I could say that was much better but ns can"t.

I have been coming here due to the fact that the museum relocated to the GW campus native its original place on Kalorama st. The brand-new spot is simply darling. The museum is free, and also full of colorful textiles. Right now there is one exhibition ~ above Egyptian arts of the fifth century, important enlightening. In ~ my last visit at the museum there happened to be a docent lead tour happening in ~ the same time i entered, so i luckily was offered a spot and also hopped ~ above the tour! inspect out the shop ~ above the means out, it to be extraordinary. Full of color and gifts. Purchase myself a bag for my birthday :)Overall, great experiences every time i come, employee is incredibly kind. My lovely wife and also I will return shortly!

Was through a friend who is into fabrics and textiles for this reason I uncovered this museum come visit ~ above our trip to DC. No high top top my attention level but I enjoyed the exhibits, especially the interactive room Textiles 101, which shows where fabrics come from and how they room made. Found this very interesting and could have spent even an ext time 보다 we did.

I am a textile archaeologist with an attention in the first century advertisement so was excited that the Textile Museum had a oriental exhibit on when I remained in Washington. It was an extremely well presented however you don"t require background understanding to gain it. If you favor this kind of thing you"ll want to visit Dumbarton Oaks as well.

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Anything important about textiles in print have the right to be found, either on open shelves or through the assist of the - many friendly and also accommodating!!! - staff. The permanent exhibition is many informative - the an altering ones are occasionally interesting, periodically blaah.

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