Plot her adventure by 10/14 because that lodging rates from $189/night. Plus, Epic pass Holders save secondary 20% v Epic hill Rewards.

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We diminished allpass prices 20%* to do it much easier for anyone to enjoy the mountains. Find the pass the fits you and also get much more value from one day to every day. Epic for Everyone.

*North American pass commodities only. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See complete terms and also conditionsfor details.



Situated amongst the Catskills, Hunter Mountain permits you to sluggish down and also relax in the mountains or explore your sense of adventure through summer Scenic Skyrides, zip lining (open year-round), 4x4 Offroad Adventures, and also hiking.

Looking ahead to winter? So are we! ours target opening date is November 19 if mom Nature allows!

We room committed come doing everything we have the right to to aid keep you for sure this season, so girlfriend can focus on having a great time on ours mountain. Learn more below about summer safety and security at Hunter Mountain.
Take a scenic drive on ours six-passenger Kaatskill Flyer. On a clear day, in the distance, you"ll watch the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts and the environment-friendly Mountains of vermont beyond brand-new York"s beautiful Catskill hill peaks that surround you.
Hunter Mountain"s 4x4 Off-Road Adventure is an excursion giving the perfect mix of adventure and luxury. We"ll start with a simple off roadway “warm up,” followed by one off-road excursion top top our remote west side logging trails finish with a currently crossing, mud pass, rock crawl and log crawl. The to mark of the occasion is the amazing hill rise to our scenic 3200" summit. Every features and also obstacles space exciting sufficient to an obstacle and thrill beginner come intermediate level of off-road enthusiasts.

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New York Zipline is located at Hunter hill Ski Bowl and also features 2 family-friendly adventures this season: the Sky-Rider Tour, and the Mid-Mountain Canopy Tour. The outdoor adventures are designed as challenge-by-choice and are known for professionally trained and also enthusiastic guide staff that combines entertainment with superior safety standards.

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