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60-Year-Old Girl is one advice animal image macro collection featuring a picture of a young girl through a short haircut and huge glasses. The captions commonly contain stereotypes attributed to elderly women an unified with the features of a young child.

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On December 10th, 2013, Redditor Beerdrummer submitted a short article titled "My mam looked like a 60 year old woman together a child" to the /r/funny<1> subreddit, featuring a photograph of a young girl v a short haircut and large eyeglasses (shown below). In the an initial 48 hours, the short article received end 23,800 increase votes and 940 comments.



Less than an hour after the photograph was posted, Redditor LetsGetRamblin submitted a captioned variation of the photograph titled "60 Year-Old Girl" to the /r/funny<2> sugreddit (shown below, left). Top top the same day, Redditor otisshredding submitted photo macro come /r/funny<3>joking the the young girl covers she toy furniture in plastic wrap (shown below, right). In the an initial 48 hours, the posts gained an ext than 21,800 and 27,800 increase votes respectively.


In the coming days, end 300 examples were submitted to the /r/AdviceAnimals<4> subreddit and also articles about the series were published on several news sites, including UpRoxx,<6> Mashable,<5> BuzzFeed<7> and E Online.<8>


On December 11th, Yahoo post a video interview through Clayton (Redditor Beerdrummer) and also Lindsay Prater (shown below), in which the married pair explained just how they reacted to the meme"s success.

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