40% motorists seat bottom, 60% passenger bottom, opened console v two beverage holders.

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Fit: at sight Crew XLT

To Order:

1 - choose the exactly seat style by compare our photos to your trucks seats.2 - friend will have to go to your vehicle in order to confirm the suitable seat style.3 - choose your color by choosing the seating area, next & ago colors.4 - choose accessories, inner type, and also seat controls.5 - add to Cart, evaluation order and proceed come payment. *Monitor setups vary in resolution, so shade may look different.Unsure of the color you selected? inquiry a sample via email or call 877-485-3001.

Returns are not permitted based on color or texture.

Seat cover Seating Area Color choice (For computer Users, hover mouse over colors to enlarge)(For mobile Users, twin click to enlarge): No selection
Seat Cover next and earlier Color selection (For pc Users, hover mouse over colors come enlarge)(For mobile Users, double click come enlarge): No selection
Cab Style: No selectionChoose one optionSuper Crew
What space your seats currently made of?: No selectionChoose one optionLeather
Seat Controls: No selectionChoose one optionDriver Electric/Passenger ElectricDriver Electric/Passenger ManualDriver Manual/Passenger Manual
Do girlfriend have accessibility levers ~ above the external bottom of your backrests?: No selectionChoose one optionDriver and Passenger have actually itNoOnly Driver Seat together itOnly Passenger Seat has actually itClear

Vehicle Year

Please list the vehicle year for this seat cover order



Driver Hanging Knee/Pistol pocket ($19.00)


Passenger Hanging Knee/Pistol bag ($19.00)


Driver & Passenger flat Map Pockets ($29.00)


solitary Gun Scabbard ($16.00)


double Gun Scabbard ($32.00)


Triple pistol Scabbard ($48.00)


Driver Bow Scabbard ($29.00)


Passenger Bow Scabbard ($29.00)


Driver Binocular pouch Behind the chair ($19.00)


Passenger Binocular bag Behind the chair ($19.00)


Driver & Passenger Pen Pockets ($16.00)

2001 - 2003 Ford F-150 40/60 separation Bench through Opening Console chair Covers (Leather Interiors Only) quantity
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*These room seat covers. Castle cover over her existing seats. These execute not replace upholstery.**Our chair covers fit OEM seats and we cannot guarantee the fit on after-market or reupholstered seats.

We do our covers come order.

Our covers space designed to monitor the seams of her seat, assuring a architecture that is made to fit nice and tight. We likewise accommodate because that the airbags top top the side of the seat. If sewing the covers, we usage the exact same break far thread together the manufacturer on the airbag side of the seat. Must you gain in a wreck, the airbag will burst through the cover. If her truck is salvageable, climate you deserve to go ahead and also send us your newly burst seat covers to us. We repair any kind of airbag damage for no cost.

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Here in ~ Headwaters chair Covers, we care around our product and also guarantee a fit unlike any other cover. Your Ford is tough, right? her seat covers should be simply as tough.

For images of our covers, you re welcome visit: chair Cover picture Gallery or Facebook


Additional information

WeightSeat sheathe Seating Area Color an option (For pc Users, float mouse over colors come enlarge)(For mobile Users, twin click to enlarge)Seat Cover side and ago Color choice (For computer Users, float mouse end colors to enlarge)(For mobile Users, double click come enlarge)Cab StyleWhat are your seats currently made of?Seat ControlsDo you have access levers top top the exterior bottom of your backrests?
5.0000 lbs

Super Crew


Driver Electric/Passenger Electric, Driver Electric/Passenger Manual, Driver Manual/Passenger Manual

Driver and Passenger have actually it, No, only Driver Seat as it, just Passenger Seat has actually it

1992 - 1994 Chevy Suburban Buckets with One Armrest seat Covers2009 - 2010 Ford F-150 Buckets with Steering column Shifter chair Covers