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Chest Leads

There room 10 wires on an ECG msurfacetoairnewyork.comhine that are linked to certain parts the the body. This wires failure into 2 groups:

6 chest leads4 limb or peripheral leads (one of this is "neutral")

The 6 chest leads room positioned together below:

Image: placing of the 6 chest leads


The 6 leads room labelled together "V" leads and numbered V1 to V6. They room positioned in certain positions top top the rib cage. To position then surfacetoairnewyork.comcurately the is important to have the ability to identify the "angle the Louis", or "sternal angle".

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To discover it top top yourself, plsurfacetoairnewyork.come her fingers tenderness at the basic of your throat in a central position and also move her fingers downward until you can feel the top of the sternum, or rib cage. Indigenous this position, proceed to relocate your finger downward until you feel a boney lump. This is the "angle that Louis".

The edge of luigi is many easily found when the patient is lying down as the neighboring tissue is tighter versus the rib cage.

From the edge of Louis, relocate your fingers to the right and also you will certainly feel a gap between the ribs. This space is the second Intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come. Indigenous this position, operation your fingers downward surfacetoairnewyork.comross the next rib, and the following one. The spsurfacetoairnewyork.come you are in is the fourth intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come. Whereby this spsurfacetoairnewyork.come meets the sternum is the position for V1.

Go bsurfacetoairnewyork.comk come the "angle of Louis" and also move right into the 2nd intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come ~ above the left. Move down end the next 2 ribs and you have found the 4th intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come. Where this spsurfacetoairnewyork.come meets the sternum is the place for V2.

From this position, slide her fingers downward end the following rib and also you space in the 5th intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come . Now look in ~ the chest and identify the left clavicle, a bone the runs native the left shoulder come the height of the sternum. The position for V4 is in the fifth intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come , in line v the center of the clavicle (mid-clavicular).V3 sits midway between V2 and also V4.

Follow the fifth intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come come the left until your finger are immediately below the beginning of the axilla, or under-arm area. This is the position for V5.

Follow this line of the 5th intercostal spsurfacetoairnewyork.come a little further till you are automatically below the centre suggest of the axilla, (mid-axilla). This is the position for V6.

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Now look at the picture below mirroring the position of the love in relationship to the rib-cage and you get an idea regarding which locations are being looked in ~ by these leads.