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About 572 Eleventh Avenue

At Sonder, we offer furnished apartment rentals. Please contact us to check availability. What provides Sonder different?Utilities (electricity, water, cable, and wifi) room included.For defense purposes, this structure requires a elevator check.24/7 customer service and a deep desire to do this your ideal rental experienceHousekeeping services are easily accessible for an additional fee. 30-day minimum

572 Eleventh path is an apartment situated in Manhattan County, the 10036 ZIP Code, and the attendance zone.

This residential property
obtainable Property

The surname “Hell’s Kitchen” conjures up some pretty unsavory connotations, yet the neighborhood moniker is a leftover from countless decades past; due to the fact that the at an early stage 1980s, Hell’s Kitchen has actually undergone substantial improvements, and today it is taken into consideration one that the safest and most in-demand locations of the city (image-conscious inhabitants sometimes refer to this area as “Clinton”).

Today, Hell’s Kitchen is defined by upscale brand-new and refurbished residential buildings, despite rental prices are still quite competitive for Manhattan. A vibrant cumulative of restaurants, bars, and art centers cater come the eclectic tastes the the locals. Countless public parks are spread transparent the community, specifically the large De Witt Clinton Park near the waterfront, and main Park is very close at your disposal as well.

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Beds average Size Lowest usual Premium
Studio Studio Studio 479 Sq Ft $1,640 $3,128 $11,744
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 681 Sq Ft $1,750 $3,970 $7,656
2 bed 2 beds 2 bed 1109-1112 Sq Ft $2,550 $7,226 $20,000
3 bed 3 bed 3 bed 1387 Sq Ft $2,500 $33,448 $999,999
4 beds 4 bed 4 bed 2117 Sq Ft $5,200 $23,966 $59,500