Site Name: CAMBA Gardens phase II (Site of former structure G, emperors County Hospital Center)Address:  560 Winthrop Street Brooklyn NY 11203Developer: CAMBA housing Ventures, Inc.

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Architect: Dattner ArchitectsContractor: Bruno Frustaci Contracting, Inc. Social service Provider: CAMBA, Inc.Construction Financing:HFA taxation exempt bonds, HFA MRT, 4% LIHTC, HHAP, HPD SHLP, Brooklyn Borough President/City Council, NYSERDANumber of Units: 175 Studio Apartments, 28 one-bedrooms; 62 two-bedrooms; 28 3 bedrooms, including 3-bedroom unit for live-in superintendentLand thoreau Size: 97,000 Sq.Ft. Development Cost: $98.8MM Social Services: CAMBA will administer case management and also programming on-site, such as nutrition counseling, yoga, gaue won management and holiday and social gatherings; 24-hour building security is additionally provided.  CAMBA will job-related with KCHC to affix tenants with healthcare services.

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Syndicator: Enterprise neighborhood InvestmentLOC Provider: TD BankProperty Management:  WinnResidentialCompletion date: Fall 2016


about CAMBA Gardens step II

CAMBA Gardens step II is a continuation of the successful national model of CAMBA Gardens phase I, creating secondary $98.8 million invest of 293 systems of LEED Silver affordable and supportive real estate on the existing G-Building site at monarchs County Hospital Center. 

CAMBA Gardens step II will provide affordable real estate for low income families earning under 60% AMI and for individuals and families exiting the NYC sanctuary system. CAMBA Gardens phase II build upon the national version for a partnership in between a publicly hospital, non-profit developer and also a company provider.  Both phases existing a unique and beneficial chance to carry out affordable housing, streamline healthcare services because that tenants, administer revenue for adjacent businesses and also continue developed relationships through the hospital and community.

Phase II that CAMBA Gardens represents the ongoing commitment to this distinctive partnership model, aligning the goals of the public hospital system and also non-profit developers and service companies to repurpose underutilized hospital home to administer housing and access to comprehensive healthcare services.  Co-locating real estate with healthcare is a crucial connection in stimulate for impairment tenants to lead healthy lives.

CAMBA Gardens step II is participating in the NYSERDA Multi-Family performance Program, is sustainable and also transit-oriented and is designed to attain a LEED Silver rating and meet the Enterprise green Communities/HPD criteria, the very first comprehensive green building framework for affordable housing.  CGII will provide healthy indoor air high quality that is critical for tenants v chronic illnesses and lower electrical energy bills for tenants and also building operations.  A roof-top solar panel device will carry out at least 50% of usual areas’ electrical power needs.

This LEED-Silver, energy-efficient and sustainable breakthrough will function CAMBA on-site services, 24-hour security, wash rooms, computer/study room, two community rooms and well-appointed, non-toxic finishes. CAMBA Gardens phase II will carry out both indoor recreational spaces and also over 60,000 square feet of outdoor recreational and landscaped spaces, including a landscaped roof terrace, children’s play area, tenant gardening beds, go paths and also a Shona sculpture garden.