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Corey R.

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They have perspectives when friend ask lock a inquiry they to speak they have a 24 hour western union yet yet couldnt offer me western union at 12 in ~ night they just have horrible organization all around

Brian W.
Amanda K.

How difficult is it come answer the phone? world do that every work as component of your job even when they room busy.

Erica G.

Tried calling all night because that information around times and also tickets. No one answers the phone, ever! when we decision to walk to the station I ask because that the direct line and also the little girl behind the respond to say the she doesn"t have time to answer the phone. And also I have the right to respect that, but there is no details on the voice prompts on the call or website that offers extra information that we were seeking. And also then the little girl has mindset on optimal of do my experience with greyhound even an ext frustrating. To optimal it every off i missed my grandma"s funeral all since of no having sufficient info, and also not that ns didn"t shot at least 24 hours well front of time. I think they can do much much better than that.

horrible. Never ever answers phone. They claimed my cousin didnt have a ticket there. I called portland oregons station. They had whatever in the system. Those guys that occupational there shouldnt even work in ~ a mcdonalds and soon to have actually no job.

Yes ns think its therefore awesomekeep of the wonderful work and also god bless you

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