Northern Virginia community College-Alexandria Campus, situated in Alexandria, Virginia, is at Dawes path 5000. You deserve to look at the deal with on the map. You deserve to see exactly how to acquire to northern Virginia ar College-Alexandria Campus on our website. You have the right to use the phone call number +1 703-845-6200 to contact the company. You have the right to see the comments of this place below.

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Samantha Bartleson

4 the end of 5 Rating


I"ve to be going come the Alexandria campus because that 2 semesters now, and it"s ok. So far the teachers I"ve had are wonderful. And the employee seem to it is in pretty helpful. The just thing ns have versus it is that when I"m walking to my vehicle at 9:30 pm, i really wish there are much more street lights!

Chul Park

1 the end of 5 Rating


Nova bookstore has a dumb plan I accidentally ordered a etextbook rather of a printed one and also since the magazine was open up they would not expropriate it. Funny exactly how with all the technology available castle don"t have a way of check to check out if the codes were used great thing i graduate soon

Maddie Bishop

3 out of 5 Rating


Parking is absolutely attrotious with every one of the building and construction blocking the campus roads. Outside of that, most of the structures are approximately date and also clean. Professors are an excellent so far, but I would imagine that unfair to referee NOVA by a couple of bad experiences with professors. Also at night, the campus is well lit and feels safe to walk approximately in.

Stefannie Tran

3 the end of 5 Rating

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The work-related study persons don"t constantly seem to care, and of course offered me a fair amount the incorrect details as well. Also some that the ones at the bookstore while i went former to beginning the loss 2013 semester was no really the best, offering me ripped receipt and also such. Any type of who I absolutely do believe they deserve to do much better or train the youngsters at work-study somewhat much more so they can be much more caring and also helpful through correct information. Next from the the actual campus is alright. Not luxurious nice yet decent and also clean yet decent enough to be a college campus. Now I"m not ecstatic about this place however neither am ns resentful for coming here.