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Next Drawing: Oct 27, 2021

Jackpot: $2,542,590+


Oct 13, 2021 illustration revealed map #49, the three of Clubs! That way the Queen Of mind will proceed after 2 weeks!!

The BoardThe Rules

1. Every raffle tickets room $1.00 every ticket. There is no border on the number of tickets that may be purchased. Ticket sales, locations, and times will certainly be posted online at www.surfacetoairnewyork.com. And also www.legendssportsbargrill.com.

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2. There can only it is in one surname per ticket. Each ticket must include the following:

* LEGAL very first AND last NAME- (No nicknames, aliases, or abbreviations)* call phone number, that contains area code* map number choice

*Each ticket must incorporate the above information, otherwise, the ticket will certainly be invalid and another ticket will certainly be chosen.

UPDATED 3. Every various other Wednesday (bi-weekly) the drawing will take place at 8:00pm in ~ Legends sporting activities Bar Grill, unless otherwise posted. Five tickets will certainly be drawn from the ticket purchased the week. Just the first ticket pulled will have the chance to reveal a map on the Queen of understanding board. All other tickets pulled will only receive a compensation payout together outlined below and also will not have an possibility to expose a map on the Queen of understanding board.

New, larger Payouts

Ticket 1: an initial ticket drawn will get the possibility to expose the map number that they have chosen top top the board. If the Queen of mind is revealed that human being will victory 90% and the added 10% roll over right into the following board. If the Queen of mind is revealed, no extr tickets will certainly be drawn. If the Queen of Spades, Queen that Diamonds, or the Queen the Clubs is revealed that human being will obtain $18,000.00. If any kind of other card is revealed that human being will obtain $9,000.00

Ticket 2: The 2nd ticket drawn will receive $4000.00

Ticket 3: The 3rd ticket drawn will obtain $3000.00

Ticket 4: The 4th ticket drawn will receive $2000.00

Ticket 5: The 5th ticket drawn will receive $1000.00

4. The complete prize pool will proceed to accumulate bi-weekly. The prize pool amount based upon ticket sales, will be updated and also prominently displayed.

5. The Queen of hearts game is composed of individual game boards and also the winner will obtain 90% that the compensation pool and also the added 10% rolls over into the next board.

6. As soon as a card is selected, it will be eliminated from play and also shown confront up ~ above the board. Each week ~ the drawing, every tickets for that week’s illustration will it is in destroyed. Tickets purchased for the week, will only be precious for the week’s drawing. Every tickets will certainly be tracked and verified each week.

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7. The QUEEN that HEARTS video game board will be locked at all times except for the drawing.