Gainesville Social defense Office address :4562 NW 13 STREET GAINESVILLE, FL 32609Social protection Phone (Local) : 1-877-219-8323 Social protection Phone (Nat"l) : 1-800-772-1213 TTY : 1-800-325-0778Social security Office Hours :

MON: 09:00 am - 04:00 PMTUES: 09:00 am - 04:00 PMWED: 09:00 am - 12:00 PMTHUR: 09:00 am - 04:00 PMFRI: 09:00 to be - 04:00 PMSAT & SUN: CLOSED

Office access time suspended. Phone call or usage online services.

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Effective March, 2015, most offices open up until 4:00 except Wednesdays.

Federal Holidays & Emergency Closures Office details proved 10 Oct 2021

Tips and advice if her visit is for...

apply for Social security Benefits Medicare basic Medicare tips Florida Medicare tips SSI impairment Social defense Card or Number Name adjust Qualify because that Social protection Benefits control or readjust Social protection Benefits social Security develops Other issue


Social security Office Directions and also Notes :THE OFFICE IS situated ON NW 13TH STREET (HWY 441).

Gainesville Social protection Office Notes

Hours of social Security workplaces were prolonged in March, 2015. Almost all society Security offices in the continent US have actually hours of 9:00 to noon ~ above Wednesdays, and 9:00 come 4:00 on other weekdays. Watch if you can acquire an appointment by phone. Fridays may be less crowded. You have the right to do things like signup for Medicare virtual at

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Social security offices near Gainesville, FL :

StreetCityZip933 E silver SPGS BLVD1348 SW BASCOM NORRISSUITE 1, 7185 BENTLEY ROAD2428 Old Moultrie Road32086


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call back

i was mean to rec a call back at 2pm this particular day from the local office in Gainesviile ,fl ,it never ever happenedit is impossable to call the regional office throughout the day, its a jokecome on civilization get it with each other its poor enough in this country already

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call back


IT'S prefer A PRISON

THE social SECURITY administration IN GAINESVILLE FLORIDA IS A prison CAMP I had actually TO take it A family member THERE TO take care of SOME BUSINESS and SHE said THE male TOP trip SECURITY police officers THAT to be AT THE DOOR are SO rude

THEY desire YOU TO turn OFF your CELL PHONE, prefer YOU"RE at A HOSPITAL, & IF lock HEAR it BEEP OR do A NOISE THEY"RE LIKE gain OUT OF right here JUST go OUTSIDE, IF YOU room TRYING to ASK castle A question SHE states THEY SAY just GO and also SIT down SOMEBODY will certainly BE through YOU!! are U SERIOUS??

EVERYONE IS THERE because that SOMETHING various SO IF girlfriend DON"T know SOMETHING SHOULDN"T you ASK QUESTIONS??? so I"M GUESSING THEY have PUT one ELECTRONIC maker IN over there SO you CAN acquire A NUMBER so YOU have the right to BE CALLED because IT"S been A WHILE due to the fact that SHE HAS been in THE S.S. OFFICE SHE had actually TO ASK an additional LADY how TO occupational THE maker THEN SHE HEARS THE protection OFFICER SAY perform U HAVE any WEAPONS ~ above YOU and THE male AT THE DOOR states WEAPONS???

REALLY, NO i DON"T HAVE any SO TOP trip SAYS an extremely RUDELY WELL just how AM I mean TO know THAT??? I"M choose YOU HAVE acquired TO it is in KIDDING WHAT service OR company TREATS SOMEONE choose THIS I can SEE IF SOMEONE to be BEING crude AND/OR OBNOXIOUS native THE begin OF their ARRIVAL but THAT IS just RIDICULOUS

SO MY allude IS WHERE are THE SUPERVISORS AND/OR PERSONNEL perform THEY no HEAR how RUDE THESE guys ARE TO world OR perform THEY just NOT offer A damn I will BE reporting THIS even if it is THEY do SOMETHING about IT OR no I will certainly SAY SOMETHING because THIS IS totally UNCALLED FOR......

SOME that THE civilization THAT have TO pertained to THE S.S. OFFICE space ELDERLY and also HAVE TO carry out THINGS because that THEMSELVES OR IT can BE THEIR an initial TIME there SO THEY might NOT KNOW around ALL THE rule OR "NEW" RULES however BEING crude TO people "JUST BECAUSE" WILL simply NOT cut IT SOMETHING have to BE DONE around THIS..........JERKS!!!!!!