Your Orthopedic Urgent care in central PA

We understand your time is important and we desire to make things straightforward in seeing an orthopedic specialist. Visit our Orthopedic Injury Clinic at our Camp Hill or Harrisburg location.

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Walk-ins Welcome in ~ Our central Pennsylvania Urgent care Clinics

No should schedule one appointment. Merely visit our Camp Hill or Harrisburg Orthopedic Injury Clinic come be seen by one orthopedic emergency care provider. (855-682-4647) contact 24/7 because that orthopedic injury assistance.


When you suffer an orthopedic injury, your an initial call need to be to our orthopedic injury clinic in central PA. We’re the region’s first orthopedic injury clinic, and also we have actually a long-standing reputation for being the many reliable ar for every orthopedic emergencies such together strains, sprains, fracture or dislocation.


Orthopedic Injury Clinic Hours (855-682-4647)

24/7 immediate Orthopedic Advice

Orthopedic Injury Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday: 8AM-8PM Saturday - Sunday: 9AM-6PM

(Walk-ins welcome)


Orthopedic Injury Clinic Hours (855-682-4647)

24/7 urgent Orthopedic Advice

Orthopedic Injury Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday: 8AM-8PM Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

(Walk-ins welcome)

WHAT TO expect FROM’S URGENT treatment IN central PA

When you visit our urgent care clinics in Camp Hill and Harrisburg,’s knowledgeable team will an initial diagnose her problem. This may incorporate taking x-rays and doing various other examinations. ~ a diagnosis is made, we’ll suggest a therapy plan. While you’re at’s injury clinic, girlfriend may likewise need to see among our orthopedic specialists.

Instead of going come the emergency room in ~ a hospital for your orthopedic injury,’s orthopedic quick care works to do the process more convenient for you:

The waiting duration is typically much much shorter at than at emergency rooms.If you must see one orthopedic specialist, you can.Our co-pays space usually lower than the co-pays for ERs.We can offer an extensive care onsite, including casting, splinting, braces, orthotics and also x-rays.We have actually the lowest expense of any orthopedic urgent care facility in main PA.

Why go all over else? the time come rethink exactly how you treat her orthopedic emergency situations. Visit’s Orthopedic Injury Clinic today! Walk-ins Welcome.

For 24/7 orthopedic advice and care, contact us at (855-682-4647).

Athletes Love Our central PA sports Injury Clinic

Weekend warriors and also other to chat athletes have likewise discovered that sports injury clinic is a ar where they deserve to get ago on the court, in the video game or to the gym. Numerous of our employee members are connected in continual physical activities, for this reason they know the strong mindset. We’ll listen to what friend want, and also work to get you healthy and balanced again. Our goal is to have actually you emotion strong, and also to save your human body moving. Contact our team this particular day to learn more about our orthopedic injury urgent care services!

What space Orthopedic Injuries and also Why do They Happen?

Orthopedic injuries incorporate a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders impacting one overextended, overused body. Part injuries might involve stress fractures, or small cracks in bones offered repetitively in a forceful manner. Shinbones of energetic athletes typically experience stress fractures. The symptoms because of stress fractures commonly occur before any xray findings are revealed. For the reason, it is vital that girlfriend be evaluate by an orthopedic specialist when you space worried about stress fractures. Our Camp Hill orthopedic emergency care providers may treat stress fractures by arguing an individualized therapy regimen concentrating on strength training practice to prevent extreme forces from getting to the bone.

Other kinds of injuries we frequently treat include:

ACL tearsHamstring/groin pullsPosterior cruciate ligament injuriesRotator cuff tearsTennis/golf injuriesTailbone injuriesKnee/shoulder dislocationsBroken bones

Sometimes, soreness and stiffness because of overexertion or incorrect type is treatable at house by resting, utilizing cold compresses, and also taking anti-inflammatory medications. As soon as pain proceeds after several days and also is add by inflammation and also swelling, something much more may be going on than simple muscle strain.

Although limited swelling is vital for the body to progression from one healing phase to the next, some species of swelling might inhibit healing. Once an injury reasons bleeding right into tissue, a swelling dubbed a hematoma occurs that may require instant medical attention. Ede within joints is referred to as an effusion and may result in joint stiffness. If her injured joint feels favor it wants to provide out or buckle, friend may have sustained a ligament injury commonly seen in ACL tears in the knee.

Treating much more serious injuries may involve our Harrisburg-based orthopedic urgent treatment physicians using immobilization techniques to prevent more damage. Immobilization utilizing slings, splints or casts rests the body component and enables blood circulation to the area to encourage healing. Rehabilitative exercises may likewise be encourage to restore and also strengthen damaged muscles and also ligaments.


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"There space no words to express mine gratitude for all you"ve done. You aided me weather countless crises and also brighten mine day. You room a blessing to me and everyone who knows you."


"Thank you because that all your extra care and thoughtfulness throughout my complicated time. Your effective surgery cured my earlier problems."


The office staff is always friendly and polite. They likewise let friend know how late a Dr is running if you"re waiting.


"Thanks for every little thing you go to help ease my questions and concerns before, during and also after mine surgery. You were so patient and understanding."


Very trusted fast and also efficient - an extremely short wait time. I check out Dr. Jones, the is fast, friendly, and gets the task done accurately!


Dr Lippe was terrific in mine care! native the first time ns met him to mine surgeries he was outstanding! Dr Lippe provided me my top quality of life on the back! I will never be able to thank the enough! The pain ns was enduring was damaging my life! however Dr Lippe and his staff were all fantastic in mine care! God bless your excellent doctors in ~! I will certainly forever be thankful for Dr Lippe and Gods healing touch! my sincere wishes is that God blesses all your wonderful medical professionals at in 2015! might the heal touch Dr Lippe offers be a blessing to even more patients! that is important a humble, kind and also caring doctor! funny Christmas to all the staff at!

-Patricia C. – patience of Dr. Lippe

I feel very confident that he is ethical with me concerning the injury and treatment suggested. So really happy you are there and that girlfriend are easily accessible as you are. It is a an excellent comfort because that me knowing you space in my area if aid is needed.

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-Lorelle L. – patience of Dr. Boal

Dr. Skeehan and also his staff were nothing less than spectacular in my handling. All were an extremely courteous come my significant back pains while performing injections right into my left hip. My appointment was at 8 a.m., and they were prompt, if not also early. Rather the hopeful experience, thank you again, folks.

I went today and walked in without an appointment. It was super easy and less 보다 2.5 hours for everything. Very recommend!

"I desire to say thanks to you so lot for all you did because that me. Her kindness will never ever be forgotten."