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Construction Debris

Wood, drywall, shingles, carpet, tiles. No concrete or pavers. Homeowners only. Contractors and tenants describe Resources page for list of private Construction and Demolition Landfills.



Saturdays and also Sundays onlyAny corded electronic device; computers, video game consoles, printers, copiers, small appliances, audio/video players, televisions. 

Food Waste

Food scraps and leftovers; fruits and vegetables, tea leaves, coffee grounds, small goods, eggs and also dairy, cooking meats, pizza boxes, paper towels and file plates. NO life meat. No food packaging.

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Mixed Recycling

Metal; food and also drink cans. Glass; bottles and also jars. Combined paper; paperboard, cartons, junk mail, newspapers, phone books and magazines (no shredded paper). Plastic; bottles, jugs, jars and tubs (caps on, no foam). Save loose, execute NOT BAG. 

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