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Gainesville Midtown

720 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 160AGainesville, FL 32601

Gainesville 43rd Street

3925 NW 43rd StreetGainesville, FL 32606


2415 SW university RoadOcala, FL 34471

We"re immediate care... Made even easier.

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We"re a organization — and also a specialized team — improving how civilization experience healthcare at every opportunity. In fact, that’s our Vision.

What does the look like?

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extended walk-in hours, every day. Including holidays

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digital scheduling, digital registration, and online bill pay

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X-rays and lab tests accessible on-site

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most insurance welcomed and clearly posted self-pay rates

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updates via message to see how you’re feeling

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Follow-up survey so you have the right to tell us how we’re doing

About this Location

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Find Urgent treatment Near you in Gainesville close to Archer road at surfacetoairnewyork.com

This surfacetoairnewyork.com location marks the 3rd available in Gainesville affiliated with UF Health, complementing 2 other areas in midtown and also northwest Gainesville.

Businesses close to surfacetoairnewyork.com Gainesville near Archer Road

It’s easy to uncover in the Archer Centro West shopping facility tucked in between Papa John’s and Five Guys. The to buy center also features Domino’s and also Costa Vido new Mexican Grill. It is directly across the street from T-Mobile, Panda Express and also the Publix shopping center.

Directions come surfacetoairnewyork.com in Gainesville near Archer Road

Located in the new Archer Centro West complex in the 3500 and also 3600 blocks of Archer Road, across from servant Plaza.

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surfacetoairnewyork.com urgent Care her provider of immediate care, work health, and also wellness solutions in Gainesville, FL for residents of the Alachua, Archer, Bronson, Chiefland, cross Creek, Hawthorne, High Springs, Lake City, Micanopy, Newberry, Ocala, Starke, and Waldo areas.

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Suffering from an illness or injury? to walk in, schedule online, or speak to ahead to make an appointment, and also surfacetoairnewyork.com can assist you feeling better. We market same-day access time with expanded hours and also accept most major insurance plans. Us can likewise fill prescriptions, perform laboratory tests, and take digital X-rays on-site.

Common urgent care needs because that adults and children include:

Auto Accident InjuriesAllergiesBladder and Urinary tract InfectionsCold or Flu SymptomsCuts, Bruises, and also BurnsDigital X-raysEar and Eye InfectionsHeadaches & MigrainesOn-site lab TestsPulled or Strained Muscles, Sprains or FracturesRespiratory InfectionsSkin ConditionsSore ThroatsSutures

More Urgent care Info

With three Gainesville-area surfacetoairnewyork.com locations linked by a central electronic medical records system, friend can select the ar that is most convenient when you have actually a health and wellness concern and know that your documents will be available.

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Drop by or schedule an appointment at the Gainesville surfacetoairnewyork.com facility for routine physicals, preventive checkups, lab testing, screenings, and immunizations. Regular checkups can aid you gain a far better perspective ~ above your all at once health, reveal any type of health concerns or concerns, and may allow you to have fewer medical prices over time. We additionally offer flu shots and also vaccinations because that children, and work-related needs.

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surfacetoairnewyork.com Gainesville Archer Road offers an extensive solutions for employers to maximize employee health and also productivity. Come accommodate your busy workday, our digital registration system provides you and your employees straightforward scheduling options, treatment authorization, results reporting, and also streamlined billing.

As an in-network provider for many workers’ compensation insurance plans, we market health exams, laboratory services, and also X-rays throughout extended, after-work hours. This center also provides physicals, drug and alcohol screenings, and vaccinations, helping you preserve a safe, healthy workforce.

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With nearly 200 locations, ours team has substantial experience in boosting How human being Experience Healthcare. Open up seven days a mainly with extended hours, ours urgent care locations sell easy virtual scheduling in enhancement to walk-in and also call-ahead options. X-rays and also lab tests are also available on-site. End the previous 19 year we have actually grown steadily into extr cities, regions, and also states in order to expand accessibility to care for the whole family close to home, work, and play. That"s daily healthcare made also easier.

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