351 Amsterdam path is a structure located in the upper West Side ar in Manhattan, NY. 351 Amsterdam path was developed in 1900 and has 5 stories and also 14 units.

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Building Facts

Facts 13 units5 storiesBuilt in 1900
Building Class C7 Walk up Apartments, end Six families With shop (C7)
District Community ar 107City Council ar 6Police Precinct 20
Documents and Permits 18 documents and permits
33 previous rentals ($40 every ft² avg, $3,236 avg price)
Leasing and also Marketing: Keyah
Manager: Sackman


1 in ~ 79th St

0.15 miles

1 2 3 in ~ 72nd St

0.21 miles

B C at 81st St

0.32 miles

B C in ~ 72nd St

0.39 miles

1 at 86th St

0.48 miles

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Richard Gilder Graduate school - American Museum of organic History

0.27 miles

CUNY wilhelm E. Macaulay Honors College

0.52 miles

School that American Ballet

0.55 miles

The Juilliard School

0.57 miles

American Musical and Dramatic Academy

0.78 miles


Verdi Square

0.2 miles

Riverside Park

0.3 miles

Central Park

0.33 miles

Sherman Square

0.33 miles

Septuagesimo UNO

0.34 miles


American Museum of organic History

0.29 miles

New York historical Society

0.3 miles

Children's Museum the Manhattan

0.32 miles

Rose center for earth and room (Hayden Planetarium)

0.36 miles

Museum that Biblical Art

0.8 miles



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