Bowman field Driver"s License is located in Jefferson ar of Kentucky state. ~ above the street of roger E Schupp Street and street number is 3501. To communicate or ask something v the place, the phone number is (502) 595-4405. You can get an ext information from their website. The collaborates that you have the right to use in navigation applications to get to find Bowman ar Driver"s License easily are 38.2255841 ,-85.6552398

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(June 8, 2021, 2:00 am)

Line was long when we arrived. Ex army gentleman said I walk inside and see if mine husband who has Parkinsons might go in and also sit in waiting conditioning. Worker inside was an ext than agreeable the he have to be inside. In ~ 30 minute my husband had his photo ID and we were on our way.

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Everyone was considerate of our situation and also tried to it is in helpful. Pleasant experience!