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Property address3401 Exposition BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90404
CountyLos Angeles
Parcel ID4268013003
Legal descriptionRO san VICENTE Y SANTA MONICA lot COM in ~ INTERSECTION the N heat OF EXPOSITION BLVD through W line OF CENTINELA AVE TH W top top SD N heat 296.52 FT TH N 13?55" W see ASSESSOR MAPBOOK for MISSING part AVE 298.11 FT come BEG
MunicipalitySanta Monica

Property classOffice structure - One Story (1700)
Weed hazardNo
Year built1961
Square footage48,355

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Sales & Property history for 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica

Sales history, mortgages, liens, and also pre-foreclosures because that 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica. The complete property history is accessible in a single place, including buyer and seller information, comprehensive mortgage & lien records, distressed property records.

Title documents for 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica

Records go earlier to 1966 and also include the complete background of deeds, mortgages, assignments that leases and rents, and more! Plus, scanned photos of file images space one-click away.

Property Taxes because that 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica

Access comprehensive property taxation data because that 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica. Tax info included: home tax, industry value and also assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and assessment history.

Tax year:2021-2022
Property tax:$327,936

Land value:$16,825,841
Building value:$11,285,679
Market value:$28,111,520

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Special Assessments and also Penalties because that 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica

Abatements, financial aid programs and also non-ad valorem count levied as distinct taxes/direct assessments room applicable for this property.

CodeDescriptionBill descriptionTax leviedPhone number
03694LA county local park and also open room districtRposd measure up a(833) 265-2600
03071Los angeles county overwhelming controlFlood control(626) 458-5165
00170Los angeles ar trauma/emerg SRVSTrauma/emerg SRV(866) 587-2862
00177SafeClean water program resources measure W
25280Santa monica stormwater mgmt feeSmstormh20 fee(310) 458-8223
25281Santa monica-storm water one-of-a-kind taxSM CLN beach tax(310) 458-8223
93172Santa monica/malibu unified SCH dist. Measure RSmmusd-measure R(310) 450-8338 Ext 70263
06111West vector mosquitoLA west mosq ab(310) 915-7370 Ext 223

Assessment background for 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica

Here"s the assessment & residential or commercial property tax history for 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica, consisting of the development of the total tax rate and also corresponding home tax.

YearProperty classAssessment valueTotal tax rateProperty tax
2020-2021Office structure - One Story$27,823,2721.166555$324,574
2019-2020Office structure - One Story$20,587,8571.178512$242,630
2018-2019Warehousing, Distribution, Under 10000 Square Feet - One Story$20,184,1751.1311$228,307
2017-2018Warehousing, Distribution, Under 10000 Square Feet - One Story$19,788,4081.1497$227,505
2016-2017Warehousing, Distribution, Under 10000 Square Feet - One Story$19,400,4011.1363$220,451
2015-2016Warehousing, Distribution, Under 10000 Square Feet - One Story$19,108,9891.139$217,642
2014-2015Warehousing, Distribution, Under 10000 Square Feet - One Story$19,109,3631.1435$218,516
2013-2014Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$19,023,0001.1422$217,285
2012-2013Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$8,056,2061.138$91,680
2011-2012Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$7,898,2421.1358$89,710
2010-2011Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$7,839,2141.1415$89,481
2009-2010Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$7,703,7641.1139$85,814
2008-2009Warehousing, Distribution, Storage$7,703,7641.109478$85,472

Assess the condition of 3401 Exposition Boulevard, Santa Monica by city hall the history of patent filed. Permits encompass info ~ above any kind of occupational done in the building, including building or demolition, plumbing, heating, sprinkler equipment improvements, and also many more.

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Santa Monica residential sector stats

View a thorough real estate industry overview the Santa Monica and check out present trends, home values, types of nature sold and also transaction volume. See the typical residence sale price in Santa Monica and also compare that to various other cities in Los Angeles County.