Property kind Office : skilled Unit Sq Ft14,081Annual Rate/Sq Ft$28.00Monthly Price$32,855.00Service TypeN/A

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Street Number: 3400Street Name: university BlvdCity: LeawoodPostal Code: 66211Longitude: W95° 22' 26.7''Latitude: N38° 55' 40.6''


Suite #: 150Available SF: 3,181 SFSuite #: 200Available SF: 10,900 SFTotal accessible SF: 14,081 SF

All information based upon the most recently easily accessible data (updated annually) and also is listed in 1-mile, 3-mile, and also 5-mile radii (radiuses) of the residential property location.

1-Mile 3-Miles 5-Miles
Total Population5,15372,032212,031
Population average Age474441
Population through Age0-9 Yrs459 (8%)7222 (10%)24956 (11%)
10-19 Yrs438 (8%)7240 (10%)21963 (10%)
20-29 Yrs566 (10%)7670 (10%)29510 (13%)
30-39 Yrs420 (8%)8661 (12%)31072 (14%)
40-49 Yrs646 (12%)7709 (10%)23684 (11%)
50-59 Yrs692 (13%)10126 (14%)27268 (12%)
60-69 Yrs1028 (19%)10991 (15%)26900 (12%)
70+ Yrs903 (17%)12413 (17%)26678 (12%)
Median HH Income$122,008$87,928$77,644
Total household Income

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Population readjust Last Two decades - plus Projection

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